We Are Market Basket and We Are Back!

Tonight, the resolution we all have been fighting for for so long has come to be. The Board of Directors has approved the sale of the company to the family of Arthur T. Demoulas and we are back in the building starting tomorrow! The entire management team including those fired and those who resigned will be back as well to start the process of rebuilding. Most importantly, ATD is back!!

Details are emerging as we write this but we wanted to let the world know that we have emerged from this crisis victorious! The STAKEHOLDERS have helped to Save Market Basket and in doing so, we have made history. Associates, vendors and most importantly, CUSTOMERS carried the banner for a company that is so much more than simply a company, but is rather an integral piece of every community it serves.

Tonight we raise a glass to Artie T and each other as we have achieved the most improbable of upsets. Tomorrow we go to work and never, in the history of people going to work, will so many people be so happy to punch the clock.

To our customers…words will never be able to express our appreciation of what you have accomplished. You are the lifeblood of who we are and we are eternally thankful to you. Please understand that we will be working around the clock to get every department in every store back up to speed and once we do, we will be better than ever!




The contingency plan announced last night by our brilliant Board members has the company being “saved” by shuttering 61 stores, firing the workforce, crushing vendors and raising the unemployment claims in two states in order to keep Market Basket solvent. These same men who fired ATD, Bill Marsden and Joe Rockwell then brought in F&G are […]

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Great Story from Crystal Hall Pringle

I would like to tell you a story. I am asking that you bare with the length and read on to the end. It has a strong point I am hoping will help. It may not seem it at first so please read on. Several decades ago, in a small New England town a girl […]

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Relax and Unplug

Please do not panic and do not listen to rumors or the media for that matter. Seems like every channel and every publication is reporting something different. We even heard of a post on the save artie T and save MB page from a Kyle DeSousa that it is all over…WRONG!It’s rumors and misinformation that […]

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Tonight’s Cancellation

Tonight’s Board meeting was obviously one we were all looking forward to as we have such high hopes that resolution is near and that we just might be able to resume our lives again. The fact that it has been cancelled has created much anxiety, fear and anger among so many of us stakeholders and […]

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What’s the hold up?

The Governors of both MA and NH announced Friday that a deal was close and they expected the deal to be in writing by Sunday and all associates back to work early next week. ATD’s spokesperson released a statement Friday night stating that all roadblocks had been removed and there was nothing standing in the […]

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A funeral was held today for the mother of two longtime Market Basket associates. While sitting through the profound somberness of the ceremony one couldn’t help but be struck by the power of this family’s love for this woman and share in their sense of loss. Every pew in the church was filled and in […]

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Guest post, David Gray Eliot, ME Letter to the Editor Seacoast Online

Seacoast Online Aug. 19 — To the Editor: At the intersection of stubborn and stupid streets, we pedestrians get the displeasure of watching the Demoulas family about to crash head-on. Having spent more than 25 years of my life in human resources management, I have never encountered a more bizarre business situation. For the past […]

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“there is nothing that stands in the way of getting this done this weekend”–ATD

http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/08/22/demoulas/MwC4vzWVHhW73nva23dvHO/story.html As you can see from the Boston Globe article all stumbling blocks have been removed from the ATD offer to buy the 50.5% of the company and ASD is also no longer involved in financing any part of the deal. The Governors of MA and NH made a statement posted earlier that they were […]

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Governors’ Statement

Governor Patrick from MA and Governor Hassan from NH today released a joint statement regarding the sale of our company. The statement is as follows; “In briefings today, all parties report that they are optimistic that an agreement will be reached to sell the company to Arthur T. Demoulas and to restore him to operating […]

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