Catching Up with The Gooch

After writing about the news of Felicia’s new employment with 99 Stores Only, we thought we’d catch up with her cohort, Jim Gooch. Others may have already uncovered this, but it was news to us (or maybe we’d purged it from our memory) to learn that he’s been on the Board of Directors for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores (NASDAQ: SHOS) since the spring of 2013. As a member of the Board, Jim serves as the Chair of both the audit and compensation committees.

A quick glance at the stock’s performance shows that upon naming him to the board, SHOS quickly reached an all-time high of $56.62. Today the price sits at just under $9.

Reminds us of another company whose stock price nosedived in a similar trajectory: Radio Shack





Catching Up with Felicia

I have been impressed by 99 Cents Only’s commitment to delivering value to their customers and appreciate the opportunity to join this organization and find new ways to enhance value for all stakeholders. – Felicia Thornton, November 2015 upon joining 99 Cents Only Stores Alberstons is a great company with strong core fundamentals and tremendous […]

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Mini Documentary at

We have heard countless stories over the past couple of years regarding how we all consider ourselves part of a wonderful family at Market Basket. The caring ways of TA Demoulas have passed not only to his children – Arthur T, Frannie, Glorianne and Caren – they also reside within the DNA of the company. […]

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Joseph Rockwell, VP Grocery Operations Retires

As many of you may already know, Joe Rockwell, VP of Grocery Operations, has retired effective this past Friday. Very few people knew of his plans until the last minute because that is the way Joe wanted to go out, with as little fanfare and attention to him as possible. You may remember Joe as […]

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An Economic Perspective

As we celebrate all that was accomplished last summer by associates, customers and vendors in our victory over greedy shareholders and their unscrupulous, tone deaf board members, we wanted to take a minute and look at a very significant byproduct of our efforts. As has been reported recently, our shoppers pay on average 15.9% less […]

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Set Your DVRs

Set your DVRs Tonight at 7 on WGBH TV channel 2, Tom Trainor and Joe Schmidt will be guests on Greater Boston with Jim Braude. After covering the story extensively during the events of last summer, Jim is circling back to see where things stand a year later. There’s no doubt that Tom and Joe […]

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One Year Later

One Year Later As we approach the one year mark of so many of last summer’s events we will be putting some posts up in a sort of retrospective fashion. There was so much emotion as we worked together to save the company that it will be good to take a look back at some […]

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Food Fight!

We received this email from Jay Childs earlier today: “Good morning we are contacting you to announce the First Official Trailer for the coming documentary film, “Food Fight – Inside the Battle for Market”. The trailer can be viewed at If you’d be willing to post this to the SMB Page and site […]

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Food Fight

Jay Childs, the film maker working on a documentary about the Market Basket story, was on New Hampshire Public Radio this morning to discuss the project. He answered many questions including why he is looking for funding via Kick Starter. You can read the transcript of the interview here: His fundraising ends this Saturday […]

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Well that was a heck of a year, wouldn’t you say? When we look back at 2014 it seems safe to say that most of us will see it as one of the most gratifying years of our lives. A battle which started in July of 2013 became a full blown war to save the […]

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