F&G Don’t Care What Customers Think

The latest “threat” to replace associates who have walked off the job (this is the third time) with permanent replacements shows that the Board and F&G haven’t heard our beloved customers collective voice or worse, they could care less what you think. You have been all over social media and also you have voted with your feet by boycotting our stores until ATD is back in charge.

F&G released a statement through their PR firm O’Neill and Assoc that associates have until Monday to come back to work without penalty or be replace permanently, where have we heard this before. They are planning a job fair to replace, not only the people at the warehouse, drivers and office personnel but also Store Directors and Asst Managers. This latest group is an interesting turn since zero Store Directors or Asst Managers have walked off the job. The fact that their stores are empty of products is not their fault they haven’t been getting deliveries. When the warehouse associates and drivers walked out almost two weeks ago F&G immediately replaced the drivers with temp drivers and temp selectors in the warehouse. So why haven’t the loads been getting to the stores? Because these temporary drivers and selectors can’t hold a candle to our drivers and selectors. Our grocery warehouse alone pumps out a million cases of product a week and yet these temps can barely manage 15 deliveries a day compared to the 120 deliveries a day that is average for our dedicated workers.

This latest statement shows the disconnect with F&G, they are under the impression that if they get the stores full of product the customers will come back in droves. They either haven’t been listening to you, our beloved customers or they don’t care. They have underestimated us at every turn and now they are underestimating the strength of your boycott. To us, that is insulting, we fully understand how important our customers are to our business and we also understand the sacrifice this is having on your finances. Please continue your boycott until ATD is back in charge and we promise to get up and running in no time and to show our gratitude for your continued loyalty.

They may not care about you but we care a great deal about you and will be eternally grateful to you.


F&G’s Latest Statement

As posted on the MyDemoulas page on FaceBook, here is the statement from F&G. Understand that they have a company to try and run while the BOD and Shareholders try to hash out the selling of it. No doubt they have been told to go back and do their jobs even though their status is […]

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O’Neill and Associates

We all enter Wednesday with resolve as strong as it has been since day one. It hurts every single one of us to have to do what we are doing to our beloved company but we know it is the right thing for the long term bigger picture. We hope the proper resolution comes today […]

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We Need Everyone

We fully understand people not wanting politicians involved in this but we believe that all stakeholders should be applying pressure on the BOD. Associates, customers, vendors and the elected officials who serve us. We need Every voice to be heard. Our battle has been all-inclusive from the start and we will always encourage those who […]

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We have heard the rumors that Rafaela Evans Demoulas is in town. She is the key to this whole story. It was she who switched voting allegiance from ATD’s side to ASD’s a little over a year ago in order for her to find a quick path to liquidation so that she could be free […]

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Amnesty is a Lie

Friday evening, F&G released their statement in which they let all workers know that if they returned to work on Monday they would be welcomed back with full amnesty. As always with F&G, they can’t help but lie every time they speak. As some workers at the Andover warehouse tried to report for work this […]

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Please Consider Donating

We Are Market Basket set this Go Fund Me page up for the administrative assistants, office clerical workers, truck drivers and warehouse workers and we are very pleased with the donations that it has received to date. As we write this we are nearing $40,000. THANK YOU to all who have been kind enough to […]

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Rebels With a Cause

On June 29 we posted an article we titled “Resistance” and it served as a challenge to all that our time was at hand to take action so that we could save the company. We now stand together, customers and associates alike, in the midst of a resistance the likes of which has never been […]

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OMG!! Thank You So Much!!

One HUGE thank you goes out tonight from WAMB to all of our beloved customers. You, our devoted and loyal customers, have taken this fight over for us. The stores throughout our company were empty of customers today and many of you came out and supported our volunteer associate army on the protest lines. We […]

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Press Release

MB associates and customers remain fully committed to our cause. ATD must be reinstated with full authority as president of DSM. This has been and will continue to be non-negotiable. We also want to be clear in our message to any other potential buyer that we will work for no other CEO.

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