Thanksgiving 2014

We realize that “thank you” is not enough and yet “thank you” is all that we can really say. We just hope that the depth and sincerity of that statement will find its way to your hearts as you have touched us. – Arthur T. Demoulas, August 28, 2014


Last year as we approached the Thanksgiving holiday we wrote about giving thanks for all that we have in this company, each other and in the man who embodies the culture which brings it all together, Arthur T. Demoulas.

We were in the midst of so much uncertainty and we had no idea how long the road would be or what the outcome would look like. What we did know was that together as a family we would fight the good fight for something we love and the chips would fall where they may. Looking back now we can see that we were in the early stages of something that was growing, a movement was taking shape and an irresistible force was building that would not be stopped!

This year we have so much to be thankful for. We have saved our company; we have saved the jobs of our CEO and his leadership team; we have shone a bright light for all to see on just how fantastic the culture of OUR company is. Most importantly, we have cemented a precious bond among associates, customers and vendors; the words “We Are Market Basket” will resonate deeply for all of us forevermore. Books will be written, films will be produced and business classes will be taught, but WE did this! Together we put it all on the line and helped save this company. It’s important to realize that no one person played a role larger than anyone else because without every single one of us doing our part with unwavering resolve, it doesn’t get done.

Tomorrow, let’s all give thanks for our blessings. Let us all take pride in what we have accomplished over the last 18 months. Let us all raise a glass to each other, our Market Basket family, for standing up and fighting for what we believe.

Here’s to us.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Revere, Store #74

The new store in Revere will be opening this Sunday, October 26, at 7am. As with any grand opening we are truly excited to be entering a new city and we will watch with pride as our customers flock to the store and flood the aisles. We will all be on hand to greet them […]

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Help Preserve History

Save History! For the next two weeks we will be compiling photos and videos of the Market Basket event from July 2013 through August 2014. If you have any photos or videos you would like to share with us please send them to: These could be from any rally, picket, protest or assembly. If […]

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We Are Market Basket

Many causes in this world start small and grow into something big only to dissipate entirely when resolution comes about. We Are Market Basket has become more than just a cause, it has become the embodiment of a culture made up of associates, customers, vendors and concerned citizens all over America. Now that we have […]

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Senator Barry Finegold

We have seen several posts on different pages regarding Senator Barry Finegold and his participation in our fight to save ATD and the company. We can fully understand and we appreciate, probably more than anybody, the desire to protect the grassroots nature of who we are and what we accomplished together. We made history through […]

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Thank you just isn’t enough!!!

Sorry we haven’t posted but you can imagine how busy we have been putting humpty dumpty back together again. We have heard from so many of you that you miss us keeping you up to date and we are truly sorry but there has just been an enormous amount of work to do as you […]

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We Are Market Basket and We Are Back!

Tonight, the resolution we all have been fighting for for so long has come to be. The Board of Directors has approved the sale of the company to the family of Arthur T. Demoulas and we are back in the building starting tomorrow! The entire management team including those fired and those who resigned will […]

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The contingency plan announced last night by our brilliant Board members has the company being “saved” by shuttering 61 stores, firing the workforce, crushing vendors and raising the unemployment claims in two states in order to keep Market Basket solvent. These same men who fired ATD, Bill Marsden and Joe Rockwell then brought in F&G are […]

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Great Story from Crystal Hall Pringle

I would like to tell you a story. I am asking that you bare with the length and read on to the end. It has a strong point I am hoping will help. It may not seem it at first so please read on. Several decades ago, in a small New England town a girl […]

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Relax and Unplug

Please do not panic and do not listen to rumors or the media for that matter. Seems like every channel and every publication is reporting something different. We even heard of a post on the save artie T and save MB page from a Kyle DeSousa that it is all over…WRONG!It’s rumors and misinformation that […]

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