You have kept the Wolves at Bay Again!

Today’s Board meeting has come and gone and the only thing we know for certain is that Arthur T. Demoulas is still our President and CEO.

Think about that for a second. The Board wants to fire him, and has wanted to fire him since last June. Arthur S wants to fire him. Fotene, Diana and Rafaela want to fire him.

The only reason that they have not is YOU.

Let the enormity of that sink in.

This is a multi-billion dollar company and you have prevented the people at the top from making an epically stupid move. You have stood up and flexed your muscle and these people have taken heed that you must be reckoned with. In the midst of all this uncertainty it is a wonderful, empowering feeling, isn’t it? Things like this don’t happen in today’s corporate world and hopefully that world will take notice of what is happening here, for this is a story that needs to be told.

Go to bed tonight knowing that you saved Arthur’s job again today. You have allowed him to fight for us another day. You have much to be proud of and should know that it is appreciated by thousands of others.

There is still much work to do but WE can accomplish anything! The “A” shareholders an their puppet BOD think of you as a number and they think of the bottom line only, they could care less about you and the other stakeholders of Market Basket. Let us all think of a way to get their attention, we have made a difference but our work is far from done. Keep that edge and remain vigilant. ATD needs you and our company needs you.

Thank You!

We, Together, Are Market Basket

As we hear more news from the meeting we will inform you as always, the good, the bad and the ugly. We won’t sugar coat it and we won’t lie or misinform you.


  1. Woo hoo!!!!!! Artie T! Artie T! Artie T! YOU are #1!!!!! And will remain #1!!!

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Congratulations to ATD and the Market Basket family, but remember this in not over yet!!!! Many more voices need to be heard for us to convince the “A” share holders that Artie T is what is best for both the shareholders and the stakeholders so that they will release the “hand cuffs” and this challenge can be over.
    MB STRONG!!!!
    Lisa D
    Store 42

  3. Cindy whelan says:

    Let Mr. Garon’s letter be your guide, strong yet respectful and to the point. We need to show the class A shareholders that we are compassionate about our CEO, and will not stop fighting until the handcuffs are removed. Fighting for ATD is fighting for us. He is the only one that will keep us on the right path. Keep the faith! Do NOT let your guard down! This fight is far from over, email, snail mail, and email again! Full throttle!

  4. Terry mccarthy says:

    Stay the course…stay united.


    KPP. 68

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