“Where there is unity there is always victory.”–Publilius Syrus

As a group, Market Basket associates are a loyal, hardworking, dedicated and disciplined collection of people from all walks of life. We love our jobs, love to go to work and we are proud to work for Market Basket and work with ATD. We have come up through the ranks from the bottom so our management associates have done every job in the store and it is not unexpected to see a Store Director bagging a customer’s groceries or a Department Head sweeping the floor. These are the small things that make us a successful company. One of our founding philosophies is to respect people, this is one of the most important philosophies in our culture because we all respect our customers and our vendors and more importantly we all respect each other from the top on down. Our work ethic, dedication and loyalty all stems from that respect. No one in this company is better than anyone else and every one of us has an important role to play in the success of our company. When upper management visits a store whether they are supervisors, directors, vice presidents or ATD himself you can see these people interacting with customers, full time and part time associates.

For the past eight months our lives have been turned upside down. We have always known that hard work and loyalty pays dividends in this company (not the type of dividends the shareholders want). Many of us have dedicated decades of our lives to this company and we have been able to provide well for our families. In turn all we had to do was go to work every day, work hard, take care of our customers and associates and help to build our business. The greedy, self serving “A” shareholders and their appointed “yes men” on the Board of Directors have changed all of that. Now our future is uncertain. With every Board meeting we get anxious and worried about what this group will do next. The one thing we know for certain is that whatever they vote it will not be for our benefit or in the best interest of our company. Their votes are consistently heavily weighted in favor of the shareholders. This type of strategy may benefit the shareholders in the short term but long term it will be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

This Board and these “A” shareholders have underestimated us at every turn. They have refused to get to know us and our culture. They have come in here like carpetbaggers and tried to run this company although they probably don’t know the difference between an apple and an orange. They have stripped out cash reserves, they have shut down Revere and Waltham, they have stopped growth, they have handcuffed ATD, they have publicly chastised ATD and Bill Marsden and they have shown not an ounce of respect for the associates that built this company with hard work, worse they have disrespected us.

Today we were dealt another bump in the road by Judge Fabricant’s decision on the Cowan case but we are getting used to bumps in the road and quite frankly we can handle it. As a matter of fact there isn’t a better group of people to be an underdog with. At Market Basket we are used to doing things that other people would consider impossible. We will overcome this as we have overcome all other obstacles that have been put before us.

 You haven’t listened to us even though we have been right in front of you. You have disrespected and underestimated us. We are fed up with your antics and your misinformation. The one thing you didn’t count on when you began your pillage through our company was our loyalty and dedication. You should have figured that out when you drove into the Wyndham Hotel on July 18th or when we showed up at the Harvard Club or the Pru or when you got thousands of letters and emails or when you see the daily Demoulas Media Updates from KEKST, but you didn’t and in time, if you continue your destruction of our company,  you will realize what a mistake that was.

You may have the votes and control of the Board but you don’t control the people and without the people you really have no control of the company. We are not normal employees like those at Sprint or any other company that you “advised”, we will not lay down and go away quietly. You should know that by now. You want to change our company in ways that we do not like and we are not going to tolerate it. All of us would like nothing better then for this to all go away so we can go back to doing what we do best, taking care of business and taking care of our cherished customers. We didn’t ask for this and we don’t deserve it but we will fight to the end to preserve our company and our CEO.

The one thing you have yet to grasp is we don’t work for Market Basket or DSM. We work WITH Arthur T. Demoulas and without him there is no Market Basket, because he IS Market Basket and we stand beside him. Do you really want to underestimate us again?

You have been warned yet again.

We, Together, ARE Market Basket




  1. Terry mccarthy says:


  2. Here’s a radical thought, what if all the associates did not show up for work one day.
    That would certainly send a message to the A shareholders and the BOD that we mean busines!! Unfortunately it will inconvenience our loyal customers but just call it collateral damage.

  3. Thursday meeting will be very interesting to say the least. We should have an indication as to wether this A board will remain carpetbaggers or will they work in the best interest of everyone; be it customer, associate, or shareholder. Arthur T will have a lot of heavy lifting to do for us , it will be difficult! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers Thursday. The future of our company depends on it. Let your voices be heard by all! God bless Arthur T.
    We are Market Basket

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