We Are Market Basket

Many causes in this world start small and grow into something big only to dissipate entirely when resolution comes about. We Are Market Basket has become more than just a cause, it has become the embodiment of a culture made up of associates, customers, vendors and concerned citizens all over America. Now that we have successfully helped to save the Company and CEO we love the challenge becomes a new one: how do we cultivate the “We Are Market Basket” way?

It is clear that we are all fully vested in what this company means in the broader scale of our communities but the question is, how do we corral that? We have a voice which is powerful and we have a company which is beneficial for all stakeholders and we feel it is important to see to it that this mix continues to grow and flourish. We have a responsibility to each other to remain a vital part of this company and its culture going forward. Now that the fanfare has faded we can concentrate on business while at the same time being acutely aware of the fact that while our company has not changed, the image of it has been altered forever. It is now a beacon of hope for employees everywhere that their voices matter in the cold, shareholder driven business world. It has a social conscience which places the welcomed responsibility on our shoulders to be good, charitable members within the communities we serve. It includes all of our customers who have showed in unrelenting fashion that they will be heard and that THEY Are Market Basket as much as any associate or vendor.

Our story did not end on August 27th when ATD’s offer was accepted by the Board, it simply moved to a new chapter. Now, rather than being driven by outrage we need to channel our energies and perpetuate what has always been there under the surface but is now out front for all to see. We Are Market Basket and we have only just begun!

So we ask you, what does it mean to you when you say “I Am Market Basket”?

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