What’s the hold up?

The Governors of both MA and NH announced Friday that a deal was close and they expected the deal to be in writing by Sunday and all associates back to work early next week. ATD’s spokesperson released a statement Friday night stating that all roadblocks had been removed and there was nothing standing in the way of this deal being completed this weekend.

The weekend is almost over and we hear nothing but crickets. What is the Board waiting for? Why are they stalling? When will this deal be done so we can all go back to working and shopping?

Board of Directors, please don’t delay any more, there has been enough pain caused to associates, customers and business partners over the past 5 weeks. Every day you delay costs the company millions.

To the MB Faithful, keep the boycott going and keep the pickets going until they finalize the deal. Don’t let your guard down for a single minute until you hear that ATD’s offer has been accepted and he is in control. Remaining guardedly optimistic but our resolve hasn’t dropped a bit.


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