We the People

In reading all of the testimonials that have been posted by associates, customers and other supporters over the past few months, the stories all sound very much the same and they all center around our boss Arthur T. Demoulas. It is very clear, even to those that aren’t associated with our company, how dedicated we all are to the boss. In fact, the only people that don’t seem to get it are the “A” and “A/B” directors. It is crystal clear that ATD has built much more than just the leading supermarket chain in New England, he has also, without realizing it, built an army of loyal and dedicated followers. It is also crystal clear that this “army” would follow ATD into the unknown if he asked because they are all aware that the unknown with ATD in charge is a much better place than the known with someone else calling the shots.

The “A” shareholders and their puppet Board would have us become a Wall Street corporation with all the wasted money and red tape which that entails not to mention the all of the associates and customers that would be steamrolled in the process. If there is one thing we have learned in the past 8 months it is that these people care only about themselves and fattening their already overstuffed wallets. They care not about the hard working associates who go to work every day to sell groceries and provide outstanding service to 2 million customers a week. They are too insulated to understand that the sweat off the brows of the associates and the hard earned money our customers spend every week is what keeps them from getting a day job. They are greedy and they want more, even if it means watching their golden goose crumble. You have heard it all before, with ATD in charge everyone prospers, customers, associates and yes, even the “A” shareholders. If ASD has his way our culture goes away and Market Basket as we know it no longer exists. The Board would have us believe they know ATD and BM better than we do based on what they have been told by ASD and by reading court transcripts. We work with these incredible leaders every day of the week, if anyone here has been drinking the Kool-Aid it is the A/B directors and ASD is filling the glasses.

Thinking the other day about our associates, it dawned on me that most, if not all of you, share the same feelings that I do, especially after reading the testimonials. It is not good enough to just get up and go to work every day, we have been riding that wave of being the best for so long now that we don’t want to be second best. We love what we do and it shows. Do the Board and the shareholders really think that we are number one in New England because our prices are the lowest? Hell no! It is because we have the best people! Sure our prices are very good in a very competitive market but our people are the real difference, that extra over the top service is what makes us great and is why customers flock to our stores passing competitors along the way and why communities have called headquarters begging us to build a store in their city or town. We have the best people because we have all come from the ground up and learned every aspect of our company along the way. It is because we have a CEO that knows not only our names but what is going on in our personal lives and families. That is what makes us love our jobs and what drives our business.

The PEOPLE factor is Market Basket, the Board doesn’t get it and the insulated “A” shareholders don’t get it. Without us you have nothing, zippo, nada. We make it work and you have not only not won our hearts and minds the way ATD has you have ostracized us. We can make or break this company. If you want to continue to reap the rewards of our hard work and dedication then take the restrictions off ATD and let him do his thing. If you want to break this company, then continue along the path of destruction you are on and we will break it for you.

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