We must be doing something right

A major consumer watchdog publication has published their annual supermarket ratings and Market Basket moved up a spot from the last time from 7th to 6th. These ratings are based on feedback from their subscribers nationwide and included pricing, cleanliness, service and perishables. Of the 5 “supermarkets” rated higher than Market Basket, only one of them, Publix, can be considered in the same category as our company. The others are specialty retailers that don’t focus on traditional groceries like our company.

What is really important about this rating is the fact that this is based on a national survey and we are number 6 as a regional chain of 71 stores, pretty darn impressive. The credit for this honor goes to YOU, all of the stakeholders of Market Basket that have made our company what it is today. Of course the legendary leadership and guidance of ATD and his management team has also made this possible.

To the “A” shareholders and their puppet Board; What exactly was it again that you are trying to fix?

If you are truly independent and truly want what is best for the company then unshackle ATD and let him and the rest of us do our jobs.




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