We Are MB Resolutions for 2014


to come to a definite or earnest decision; determine (to do something) 

For 2014  the PEOPLE of Market Basket have the following resolutions;

We resolve to take this fight to the next level and to continue to ramp it up until such time as this Board resigns or unshackles ATD

We resolve to stand united with ATD, Our one and ONLY Boss

We resolve to become One Voice, 25,000 strong,  for One Boss, ATD.  Those of you who have sent in guest posts and there are many including veteran store directors, we will get your posts  up on the site.  We have many queued up and waiting.

We resolve to continue to take care of our customers, even better than we have before.  We realize, unlike the BOD that our customers are the prime reason we have a successful business.

We resolve to answer every single written word and every sound byte that comes from the BOD.

 We resolve to awaken the voices that have so far remained silent, be they our bosses or people that we lead. There is no room for ambivalence in this fight. Every department in every store should have an edge to it.

We resolve to keep writing emails and letters to the Board members, politicians, the press and Babson College decision makers. We resolve to never relent in this fight until we have our Company back and our CEO unshackled.

We resolve to WIN. There is no other option.

Let’s hear from all departments and all 71 stores. Are you with us? Will you carry the banner for your store? What do you resolve?


  1. Will be there carrying the boss if I have to

  2. Cindy whelan says:

    My resolution? It’s a very personal one, but this is a very personal battle we must win. So here goes nothing… I know a lot of people think I am brave, fact of the matter is I am, to a degree. I tend to cower to people I respect with all my heart, even if I disagree with their opinions, decisions, and actions/ non actions. My resolution is to stop this cowering, and start telling them MY opinions, of them, this situation, this company, and the boss himself. I don’t know how anyone can punch that time clock, and not be behind this movement. Some call it self preservation. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t self preservation about keeping what we have?? And so I fight, a little harder, a little braver, a little bolder, for everyone, myself included.

  3. kathy brown says:

    I agree with the post. Atd is and the only boss mb needs.

  4. lisa deltrecco says:

    I will carry the banner for Produce …Store 42! Market Basket Strong and Proud!!!

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