Was it staged?

We have heard that some of you think the situation at the IRCC today was staged to make the Co-CEOs look like they came to the rescue of Cheri and her staff from Levins. We highly doubt it and here is why we think that;

First of all, Mr. Levins has not exactly been a mental genius when it comes to the IRCC and his follow through of ASD’s orders to shut it down. The first time he showed up was during the middle of the biggest charity event that DSM sponsors at the IRCC, the annual Greater Lawrence Boys & Girls Club event. There were over 400 people there to witness his exchange with Cheri Nolan and he left at the urging of the Andover PD and promised to return on the following Wednesday. On that Wednesday there were a few hundred MB associates there rallying for our brother and sister DSM associates. Levins sent Atty Curry in his Black Lexus SUV to scout out the Ridge and he quickly scurried away after seeing the crowd, no doubt on the phone with Levins telling him the coast wasn’t clear. Then we have Levins making a statement that Sterling golf will “oversee” the club and it’s staff will stay in place. He also states that Sterling Golf will be an “addition not a subtraction” to the IRCC. Today, Levins, Curry, Sterling Golf and the Andover PD show up in the middle of a member/guest tourney and announces he is locking the place down and doesn’t care about the members…brilliant, absolutely brilliant. We gotta tell you, ASD must be pretty upset that you have now botched the one thing he asked you to do three times now.

Second, if the new CEOs were supposed to swoop in and rescue the staff from the evil Levins they arrived too late. Sure they made a show of going up to Cheri and we are sure that Cheri got the same reassuring speech we all got on the conference call yesterday. We can all attest to how much reassurance and confidence that instilled in all of us, especially after today.

There are those that will tell you that the new CEOs were unaware of the IRCC being a DSM property or the associates there were DSM associates but our feeling is that by their own admission they have been here on the job for 2 months now and they should have known that. Regardless it is their responsibility to know about the whole company they are attempting to lead. They are the Co-CEOs of DSM Inc, not just the Market Basket stores.

No, we are pretty darn sure this wasn’t staged and even if it was the end result is egg all over the faces of the new CEOs and complete loss of our confidence and trust (the very things they are trying so hard to obtain). This is simply a disfunctional BOD not communicating with the very people it hired to replace ATD whom they didn’t communicate with either…someone should tell the Board that the new CEOs are on the same team as the BOD.

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