Tuesday, 71 Stores, 71 Rallies

Little did we know it, but the first day we started our careers at Market Basket we also started training for this marathon of a fight which we have been in for over a year. While we worked day to day through the grind and sometimes seemingly thankless hours, a strength was taking root in each one of us. This strength is our Culture.

We are nearing the end of the marathon and we need trust that strength so that we can finish strong. We survived the torture of our Heartbreak Hill on June 23 when ATD, BM and Rocky were fired. Yesterday we ran through the thunderous crowds of Kenmore Square and now we turn on to Boylston Street with the finish line in sight.

The hardest but most rewarding part lays right in front of us. Dig deep, trust your years and decades of training and pick up the pace. Keep your eyes on the prize and FINISH STRONG!

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