Tonight’s Cancellation

Tonight’s Board meeting was obviously one we were all looking forward to as we have such high hopes that resolution is near and that we just might be able to resume our lives again. The fact that it has been cancelled has created much anxiety, fear and anger among so many of us stakeholders and this is perfectly natural.

We’re calling for calm and for faith in ATD and his team. The size of this transaction, which we believe to be so close, is enormous and the complexities must be downright mind blowing. We can only assume that the documents must not be ready and the Board has no reason to hold a meeting until they are all in order.

We have become accustomed to disappointment and now that we seem to be so close to our goal, this one certainly stings. Hard as it may be, we need to try and understand that the process is slow…hence the reason for such a late meeting in the first place. Now it has been pushed off and we are hearing that it is still going to take place, hopefully tomorrow. We’re like kids before Christmas, as the big day draws nearer the hours grow longer and the wait is agonizing.

In the meantime, we keep on keeping on. We protest and we boycott…and we keep our faith.

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