To Our Customers

To our valued customers,

We write to you in the hopes that you will understand our actions that we have taken today. Every day that we go to work it is with you in mind and today is no different.

We love our company. Together we have built one of the greatest business models in the country. A rare place where everybody wins: the associates get great benefits and excellent wages along with the promise that with hard work you will be promoted; the customers get the best customer service, the best values and the best selection and the best prices; the communities we serve see the creation of hundreds of jobs; the shareholders possess an asset which has been unstoppable in its growth.

Now we come to this. We are determined to save our company and what it means to everyone involved. We firmly believe that the firing of Arthur T. Demoulas and his management team is simply the start of a process which will lead to the dismantling of Market Basket as we know it for the enrichment of a few shareholders. This process will involve the selling of real estate assets, the raising of prices in order to increase profits and more changes in the makeup of leadership. Arthur S. Demoulas is bent on destroying all that we hold dear about this company to satisfy his unrelenting desire for money and revenge.

We have decided that we cannot sit back and be silent as they steer this ship headlong into the iceberg. To do so would have us be complicit in their plan. We are resolved to do what we can to stop them and take our company back. What we are doing is unprecedented so therefore we have no blueprint to follow or business school lesson to refer to. Some may think we are naive and maybe we are. Perhaps that naivete works in our favor as it allows us to believe that what we are doing is not only right but also achievable. We hope to become the precedent, the blueprint and the business school lesson! We are scared, but not as scared as we are of their ruinous plan.

We reach out to you today asking for your understanding and support. We do not enter this decision lightly and it comes after much deliberation. We are each risking much personally in order to save something so much bigger than any one of us. While we take action at headquarters, your store will inevitably feel the consequences of these as you shop. Please understand that this consequence weighs most heavily on us and we will make it up to you when we get back on track.

We would love for any and all of you to be at our side. For those wishing to show support, please join us Friday, July 18th at 875 East Street, Tewksbury.

We will be there until we get our company back.

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