“there is nothing that stands in the way of getting this done this weekend”–ATD


As you can see from the Boston Globe article all stumbling blocks have been removed from the ATD offer to buy the 50.5% of the company and ASD is also no longer involved in financing any part of the deal. The Governors of MA and NH made a statement posted earlier that they were optimistic a deal could be done and the associates back to work by early week. That, along with the statement from ATD’s spokesperson about nothing standing in the way and the deal should be done this weekend leaves us optimistic but cautious.

If the stumbling blocks have been removed and the A shareholders received everything they want, lets get this done so we can start to put the company back together again. We want to get back in and start servicing our incredibly loyal customers sooner rather than later. That being said, LET”S SIGN THIS THING SO WE CAN GET BACK TO WORK!

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