The Week Ahead

Big week ahead after two months of relative quiet.  There is a board meeting on Thursday and we should be hearing soon on two big court decisions. It is time for us to sharpen our edge and hone our focus; get ready to have your voice heard. Understand that ATD will be on the offensive as he tries to remove the handcuffs that have been put on him by the Board and the “A” shareholders. As he fights, we need to stand alongside and push as hard as we can to let them know we are standing tall with him. He’s got our back and we have his. Together we fight. Together we win.

Board Meeting 2/27: we’ll work to find out what’s on the agenda and as soon as we find out anything, we will post it. We have to assume that the Special Committee will have something to report since they are paying a search firm an outrageous amount of money to come up with something. Also, March bonuses are due and we can be sure that there will be a fight of some sorts regarding these; no doubt Arthur T. will be fighting for us and the others will be fighting to hurt us. We can also assume that the Board will be asking for our management team to explain the 4% program and will be looking for ways for the shareholders to be made whole since they feel it is putting them in the poor house…

The Judge Fabricant and the Goldman Sachs decisions are both due soon. Both of these could have major ramifications and we will be posting about these on another night. Tonight, this week, we need to focus on Thursday’s Board meeting and our plan of action.

What do we do?

Write the shareholders! We are the absolute trump card that the B side holds. As the B directors and shareholders fight to unshackle ATD, we cannot let them down on our end. Writing them can be quick and effective, so please take the time to do it. ATD is fully aware that he has the support of the people but our social media is directed more towards the Board and “A” shareholders, they need to know how strong our support and our resolve is. Our lives are certainly not on the line, but our livelihoods most definitely are. Take pride in your role in this battle and write passionately and respectfully to Diana, Fotene, Rafaela and Vanessa. Inundate their inboxes and mail boxes with We Are Market Basket correspondence! Let them know that they are personally responsible for what is happening here and that they can either save the day or be forever vilified in New England.

We will help ATD win this fight but only if we put all of our collective efforts into it. Don’t be the one to let us down as we are only as strong as our weakest link. Each store is an outpost in this fight so if your store seems to be numb to all of this, be the one to wake it up! Wear your pins and help lead the charge. Understand that you have a huge role to play in saving this company. We have played it well so far, but there is a long road ahead and we need to persevere and grow stronger as it wears on.

Never lose sight of how sweet the day will be when we are victorious. We Are Market Basket. Together we are unstoppable.

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