The “Marsden Memo”

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”—Socrates

The letter sent from BM to all associates last week outlined ATD’s and management’s proposal to the Board for our annual December bonuses and profit sharing contribution. The Board states

“Unfortunately, the Marsden memo is misleading and riddled with errors, and the timing of its distribution five days before the scheduled Board meeting was not coincidental.”

That is a pretty general statement with absolutely nothing to back it up. What is misleading? What are the errors it is riddled with? The timing, coincidental with what? These numbers are shared with us every single year by ATD because it is an accomplishment for us and he shares with us as he always has. The extra money and profit sharing that was proposed by ATD this year was clearly stated in the letter because of our hard work, dedication and focus despite having to deal with three out of state (out of touch) directors from New York and Atlanta that know nothing about us, our industry, our culture, our management or what we stand for. The timing of the release was only a week early and it was done because the 22,000 associates from our company were anxious that there would not be a year end bonus. The numbers have never had to be released early before because we have always had confidence in our leader. We have no confidence in this Board. The fact that the Board just threw a sentence out there with nothing to back it up is a blatant attempt to influence you and make you believe it. The sentence itself is an outright lie and is riddled with errors.

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