The Executive Club

Jim Gooch has been named Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Lands’ End.
It’s a sad statement of the business world today when a person who failed so miserably is rewarded so handsomely. Jim Gooch was co-CEO of Market Basket during the work stoppage and customer boycott of 2014. Jim Gooch was on board with a plan to change the culture of one of America’s great companies in order to satisfy the greed of a few shareholders. Jim Gooch came into Market Basket fully aware of what was to be asked of him and he did not care to think of the consequences of his actions. He did not care to think that thousands of New Englanders would be adversely affected once he stepped into the building. But he’s in the Executive Club, where failure is not a career killer. The club which protects its own, stakeholders be damned.
We wish good luck to the people of Lands’ End. We’ve always been fond of their competitor LL Bean as there’s something about privately owned New England companies that has a certain appeal.
Follow the link below and read to the bottom where all of the pertinent contact information will be for you to call or email so you can let them know what you think of their new man.

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