The “A” Shareholders, the Rest of the Motley Crew

To all Market Basket Stakeholders,

For the past seven months we have been informing you of what our Board is doing to our company and our management, translating the Board’s misleading information, rallying everyone to take a stand and generally being a pain in the butt to both the Board and ASD.  The one thing that we have not focused on, nor has anyone else on the FB or WAMB sites is the other “A” shareholders.

Last week we told you that we are done with Cowan, Weiner and Gebaide.  They have shown through their arrogance and actions that they care not about the millions of stakeholders but only for the five shareholders that pull their puppet strings. We are not done our fight, we are simply done trying to communicate with these men through normal channels because our pleas, invitations and gestures of decency have been ignored by them.  We have focused a lot on ASD and rightly so but we cannot forget that it was not only ASD that chose these inept and dangerous men to do their dirty work it was also ASD’s sisters, Diana Merriam, Fotene Demoulas, his once ostracized sister in law Rafaele(a) and his niece Vanessa Demoulas that have caused this turmoil in our company. Up to now these women have been allowed by us to fly completely under the radar but as “A” shareholders they carry as much of the blame as ASD. Since they carry the same blame as ASD it is only fair that they begin to feel the heat.

Diana Merriam, Fotene Demoulas, Arthur S. Demoulas, Rafaele(a) Evans and Vanessa Demoulas all shoulder the blame and should be ashamed of themselves for the exploitation of this great company and its leadership. They take over and immediately allow the company’s leadership to be undermined. They then show their true colors with the need to stuff their pockets by pulling out substantial assets from the company. Their willingness to allow their Board representatives to be disrespectful and hostile to Arthur T. Demoulas and others show that their concern is not about people but greed. None of them has done the really tough work that has made this company successful and none has shown they truly care about us, our customers or the communities we serve. Instead they take the riches that were handed to them by your hard work and fund a capital investment firm, a winery, a high priced interior design business, an art gallery and fund an aspiring actress’s career. They won’t even speak for themselves; they hire a Public Relations firm to hide behind to do damage control created by the Board. They show no remorse and remain unapologetic to the many writers that have reached out for them to explain their actions. It goes to show what can go wrong when money and greed take priority over people.

It was Rafaele(a) Demoulas Evans and Vanessa Demoulas that shifted their allegiance from ATD to ASD , thereby causing the Board shift which resulted in the new stores sitting unopened, the $300 million cash strip, the shackling of ATD and all of the unrest among the 25,000 associates and 2 million customers. They say time heals all wounds but we think, in Rafaele(a)’s case, cash heals all wounds. In court records readily available, back when the original trial ended, ASD, Diana, Fotene, Rafaele(a) and Vanessa won control of the company. The only reason TAD and ATD remained in control was because ASD ticked off Rafaele(a) (something to do about money) and Rafaele(a) threw her allegiance and votes to ATD. The quote below from the Boston Globe on June 23, 2004 reported this;

“Interestingly, in a Greek family long run by the men, it is a woman — the widow — who has been important in the balance of power between Arthur S. and Arthur T. According to Arthur S.’s suit, his brother’s widow, Rafaele Demoulas (once the lead plaintiff in Arthur S.’s suit against Mike Demoulas & Co.) now ”participates in a voting alliance” with Arthur T. that allows them to control the board. Arthur S.’s rift with his sister-in-law grows out of his failed attempt to oversee the trust that controls her daughter’s shares. The moral: If you shoot at the widow, don’t miss.” Boston Globe Steve Bailey 6/23/2004

We think it is high time that these women, who shoulder just as much blame, should be brought into our target group and let them feel the roar of the 25,000 associates whose lives they have turned upside down. They are, after all, following the same sociopath that the Board is, the only difference is that they have more power than the Board does. Below we have the email address of everyone except Rafaele(a), if any of our many associates can try to find that one and message us on FB we would be grateful. Hint, use both Rafaele and Rafaela in your search, we hear she exchanged the “e” for an “a”, but we are really not 100% sure what she calls herself now.

Let’s rise up here in true MB fashion and let these ladies know how happy we are with the decisions that their Board is making and while we are at it let’s tell them how rich they have become off of our hard work because as we all know they have never had any interest in doing the really tough work that it has taken to build this company into what it is today.

We remain one of you

We, Together as One, Are Market Basket

Fotene Demoulas

Fotene Design Inc.
29 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 701
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 437-0029

Diana Merriam

Merriam Vineyards Winery

11650-11654 Los Amigos Rd.
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 433 4034

Vanessa Demoulas

Rafaela Demoulas

Artaela Limited


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