Thank you just isn’t enough!!!

Sorry we haven’t posted but you can imagine how busy we have been putting humpty dumpty back together again. We have heard from so many of you that you miss us keeping you up to date and we are truly sorry but there has just been an enormous amount of work to do as you know and, by now, can see.

To our business partners thank you so much for your quick response at last minute on a holiday weekend. Your belief in us and dedication to our business partnership is greatly appreciated by all of us, without you and your resources we would not be able to bounce back as quickly as we have.

To our incredible associates, as we knew you would, you have picked up the ball and ran with it. You have unloaded trucks and restocked the stores in record time. Working overtime and odd hours and doing everything you have been asked to do including working in departments that are not yours. To our warehouse workers, truck drivers and office staff, your sacrifice made this victory possible, you were the “tip of the spear” and you 700 sacrificed it all for the other 24,000. You have all been working round the clock at the offices and warehouses during what would normally be a holiday weekend off for you.

The ultimate THANK YOU however goes to our beloved and loyal customers. You stood with us, brought food and water to the picket lines, carried signs, attended rallies, held your own rally, started a “Customers of MB” group, wrote letters and emails, beeped your horns constantly. However the most important thing that our valued customers did was make the sacrifice to shop the competition and boycott our stores. You essentially shutdown our company for the past 6 weeks and,strange as it sounds, we are eternally grateful. You have taken ownership of this david versus goliath win, you have shown by coming back that you are also taking ownership of our reconstruction, YOU ARE REFUSING TO LET US FAIL!!!! You have no idea how much you have done for us and how much you have inspired us to continue on to win. During this Labor Day we have shown that the little people do count in this country if they will only stand up for what they believe regardless of the odds.

Associates, Customers and Vendors, Together We Are Market Basket and Together We Have Done a Great Thing!!

Please bear with us as we restock and then resupply our distribution centers, we promise to be running on all cylinders as quickly as we can.

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