IRCC lives another day

IRCC lives another day…

This is the timeline for the events that happened today at the Indian Ridge CC.

Levins (ASD bag man) along with Atty Curry (the black lexus drive by at the IRCC rally last week, Sterling Golf and two Andover PD cruisers arrived late morning.

Levins informed Cheri they were taking over the IRCC and she and her staff were all done and to leave. If they refused to leaveĀ a locksmith would come to shut down the club. When Cheri asked about the members she was told “we don’t care about the members” also known as customers.

Word got out quick through social media which attracted more members of the MB family as well as Lowell Sun, NECN and the Eagle Tribune and members of the club. This created more of a scene then the cowardly Levins and crew wanted to deal with and they left.

Undoubtably they will be back though, probably in the dark of night but thanks to all of you and the media we were able to stop this injustice from happening today, again.

Remember after last week’s rally at IRCC they said the staff would stay in place and be overseen by Sterling.

This lie along with the lie about no firings of DSM associates still stands though and should show all of us what this Board and the current leadership of DSM is capable of.

Thank you MB Family for once again coming to the rescue of a family member in trouble.

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