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The Lowell Sun published a front page article from Grant Welker about the Board approving the bonuses on Thanksgiving Day.  Grant Welker has been a very good reporter on this story all along (see his other articles on the Links tab) but we feel he has missed the mark on this one or his editors clipped the article to fit.

Throughout the story he seems to refer to the DSM Board website as if it were a factual site which it is not as we all know.  The website is full of half truths, misleading statements and outright lies spun as only a top tier PR firm can do. Their website just throws out statements without facts to back them up and has publicly attacked Company management including our CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas. The article mentions opposing websites from the Board and associate driven A simple look at the two websites and you can see the difference, the Board’s site was set up by the high priced PR firm KEKST from New York City and the associates’ site was set up and funded completely by associates without any Company involvement. You tell us which site is more professional.

The article states the Board’s site, includes a question-and-answer section and updates about recent board decisions updated Monday.”

Actually the Board’s site has a FAQ’s section which is not interactive. The questions and answers are controlled by the site. You cannot ask a question or leave a comment. The associates’ site includes the ability for anyone to leave a comment or to contact the site to ask questions.

‘The board’s website makes public for the first time many details of votes and the rationale behind recent decisions. ‘

‘The company is expected to be less profitable this year than in 2012, the website also said. It did not give estimates of profits or profit margins, but said it is requiring senior management to increase profits and “justify and demonstrate some return on the hundreds of millions of dollars spent in recent years.”

The Board’s site was set up as an informational site but these latest updates, especially in the FAQ’s section became an editorial rant against Company Management, what Board in America does that?  Why would the Board want to trash talk its management on a public forum, especially when ATD, the CEO, is a shareholder not just a hired CEO? The Board’s site states several times about declining profits with no data to back up the claims. We believe they are setting up a trumped up reason to fire ATD. We are still more profitable than competitors and the Board requiring management to increase profits would mean raising prices. Our site is editorial no doubt, but we put all the facts and news up whether we like it or not to keep the people of MB informed.

‘The “We Are Market Basket” website called the board’s statements “misleading and outright lies.”

“Stuff on there is not factual,” said Scott Patenaude, a Lowell resident who works as a meat manager in the Burlington Market Basket.’

We think editing from the Sun made this look as if Scott was talking about the We Are Market Basket website when in fact Scott has been a loud voice in support of ATD. Scott was referring to the Board’s website.

It’s important to remember that to most people the figure of $70 million is a lot of money, and it is but when divided by 22,000 associates evenly it comes to $3,181 each.  When you divide the $300 million the Board gave the shareholders a few weeks ago it comes out to $33.3 million each if divided evenly, now thats a lot of money!





  1. Interesting in Mr Welker’s article bonus pool included march and June bonuses given to is by ATD

  2. After the article there is a comment section. You all should read the post form “Mom Bradford”. Glad she is on our side!!!

  3. Mombradford says:

    Mom Bradford • a day ago −
    Does this Market Basket Board of Directors realize that profits’ bottom line is going to be down because THEY took $300,000,000 (Yes, that is $3 Hundred Million!) out of the company?! That they also have a store in Revere that they have invested the money in to set up and now just needs to have the food products brought in! That because THEY hired an OVER-PRICED P.R. FIRM and an OVER-PRICED EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM that they DO NOT NEED because there is nothing wrong with the C.E.O. they currently have! They are probably using the money for their lawyers from DSM’s accounts, because why would the BOD use personal lawyers….that would mean that they would have to pay out of their own pockets, which is quite obvious that they must have shallow pockets because they are trying to take money out of the hard working employees!
    Has anyone from the BOD stopped in to any of the Market Basket stores and actually talked to any of the customers, who are supposed to be THE TOP PRIORITY of any successful retail business? The answer there would be NO! Have any of them allowed any employee of Market Basket (the lowly workers who bust their tails every day to make their shareholders the millions of dollars they seem to think isn’t enough for them) to see what they think? Again, the answer would be NO! Has this Board’s website provided any option for the customers and employees to interact with it, to ask questions they want answered, to post concerns about how they will be able to survive this winter if the prices go up because the profit margin is too low (WHICH MEAN THAT MOST OF THE SHAREHOLDERS FEEL THAT THEY AREN’T GETTING ENOUGH $$$$$$$$$ THAT THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER FOR BECAUSE IT IS AN INHERITANCE TO THEM!)? Shall I bother to tell you that the answer to that one is also NO!
    This Board of Directors is trying to pull the wool over the consumers’ and employees’ eyes! They only want to put information out there that is going to make Arthur T. Demoulas, the man who has made the company that his Grandparents began, who his Uncle George and his father T.A. Demoulas purchased and made even bigger and better, the man who cares what his employees needs are, the man who goes into the stores that he is a shareholder in, that talks to people that don’t even make more than $3,000 a year because they are part-time. Arthur T. Demoulas may have done some of his dealings with extended family members, but those dealings still brought $$$$ into DSM and the Demoulas family’s inheritances! They didn’t loose $$$$ and it also helped other family members out too. If you had a choice to make a purchase from either a family or a complete stranger, with the cost and benefits being equal, wouldn’t you support your family?!
    There is so much more to be said here than what I have pointed out, but that will be for another time… I just wanted to put some thoughts out there on some of the issues this article raises!

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