Ron Weiner’s Fixation with Money

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.–Benjamin Franklin

We have recently been hearing from associates that have emailed Ron Weiner and received replies to their emails. In those replies Mr. Weiner refers to the posters and writers on We Are Market Basket and the Face Book page as an “unnamed paid writer and it is that person’s goal to make mountains out of mole hills.” With that being said I think I will make a mountain out of this mole hill. Mr. Weiner must think, and I truly believe he does, that one should never do anything without compensation. After all he is now the first compensated profit sharing trustee in the 51 years of the plan’s existence and he is compensated for the committees that he sits on and of course he must be compensated for travel and expenses to and from New York. On top of this, Babson’s favorite son, is paid to be a director on the Board. This same Board that voted to accept for consideration a study that we paid for on directors’ compensation. While this wasn’t a raise for the Board members it was the first step and we can be pretty sure they will be voting themselves a raise soon, despite our poor profits, according to the DSM Board website.

Well Mr. Weiner you may have a hard time believing this but there are people out there that actually do things out of passion and caring for a cause without being compensated.  I know this is mind boggling to you and we should have our heads examined for spending all of the time it takes to administrate a website and a FaceBook page for ZERO compensation, not to mention the fact that we paid for the website out of our own pockets. Even you must admit though that the website is so much better than the Boards’ site and we bet it cost us a lot less than KEKST charged you. Call us foolish, stupid, ignorant or whatever else you would like but know that we are simply stakeholders in this fight and we are not paid a dime. The Company did not start this social media storm and the Company cannot stop it.

Just curious, are all of the stakeholders that are named as Guest Posters also paid writers? Do you think we just made up these names and posted away? Those stakeholders are real people and those words are their words. You and your fellow board members have a disconnect, Mr. Weiner, because you are driven by money and greed while we are driven by loyalty, dedication and a passion for OUR Company and OUR Boss, Arthur T. Demoulas. The only compensation we want is for ATD to run this company unshackled and for all of you carpetbaggers to go away forever. That, Mr. Weiner, is worth more than all of the money in the world to us.


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