The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. – Dante

We find ourselves today at a new phase in the battle for the survival of our company: Resistance. Last week brought us through what seemed to be a cataclysmic cycle of news and we all were looking for answers. The people who have led us for decades were summarily dismissed from, or resigned from their jobs and we were left to essentially fend for ourselves. What we learned is that they had taught us well. We rallied at Chelsea, we saved our fellow associates at the Indian Ridge and now we go forward into a new week in a position of power we have never held before.

For the better part of the last year we did all that we could to support ATD and our management team so that they were able to remain in place. We moved in lockstep with them every inch of the way. Now we have been force-fed a new team at the top and we are expected to swallow our medicine and play along in their charade. This is not going to happen. They are occupying the offices of people we love and admire and there can be no rest from a single one of us until they have gone back to Minnesota and Oregon and our rightful leaders have been reinstated. Our roles in this story have become even more important than they were a week ago.

We now must stand face to face with them and tell them that we are not going to accept them in our company. We must tell them directly that we believe them to be liars. We must see through all of their friendly overtures and realize that they have been put in place by ASD and his Board to ruin our company. This will take courage to do, so know that when faced with the situation we will all be standing alongside you.

We must also understand how these two, Jim and Felicia, were finally chosen to be our leaders. An executive search firm has been at work for many months looking for candidates to take over. Do you think these two were their first choices? Doesn’t it make more sense to think that many good candidates looked at the situation, the “opportunity” to run a company at the top of its game and replace some of the most successful leaders in the industry, and said “thanks, but no thanks”? They found these two at the bottom of the candidate barrel! They have no chance of changing our company for the better so the only conclusion that we can reach is that they are mercenaries. Here simply to enforce an agenda, collect fat paychecks and then cash out after Market Basket as we all know it has been effectively blown up.

Next time one of them comes into your store or greets you in the hallway or stops by your office, remember that they do not care even the slightest bit about you or your family or your well being. RESIST the temptation to give them the benefit of the doubt. RESIST their attempts to buy your loyalty with promises of a higher position within the company. RESIST RESIST RESIST!

They will try to say that they have granted us bonuses. We know that these were put into place by ATD.

They will try to say that they saved the day at Indian Ridge. We know that we sounded the alarm and got the media there and forced Little Gerry Levins to whimper away back to the loving embrace of ASD.

They will try to say that they want what is best for us and our company. We know that what is best for us and our company is for them to go away.

We must be resolute in our commitment to each other and our company.

We must understand that ATD is fighting harder than ever every minute of every day to get his company back.

We must resist ASD’s handpicked executives.

There is no middle ground.


Arthur T. Demoulas IS MARKET BASKET.

Jim Gooch and Felicia Thornton are not, nor will they ever be.

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