We have heard the rumors that Rafaela Evans Demoulas is in town. She is the key to this whole story. It was she who switched voting allegiance from ATD’s side to ASD’s a little over a year ago in order for her to find a quick path to liquidation so that she could be free of the ties which bound her wealth to DSM.

She started this thing and she can end it.

We know that ASD would rather see the company implode than sell to his cousin, so we cannot pin our hopes on him accepting ATD’s offer. His lust for vengeance runs far deeper than his love of money. Rafaela, we hope, is a different story. We can only surmise that she is in Boston for one reason: to find the liquidation she is after. Today she can make that happen and in doing so, save our company.

We call on her to do the right thing for the health of Market Basket, all of its associates and its millions of customers and sell her shares to ATD’s side of the family. She can right the wrong that she initiated last year and which led us all to the boycotts and protests that we are in the middle of today.

We hope that while she is in town everybody knows her name and her role. We hope she can see that she can leave town a hero to all stakeholders by cashing out in the right way, by selling to ATD.

The fate of our company is in your hands Rafaela. The world is watching and encouraging you to step up and save the day.

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