Quorum Hearing

We have learned that tomorrow the hearing will take place on the suit filed by ASD and his minions to either force Bill Shea and Terry Carleton to attend the next Board meeting (scheduled for April 28th) or suspend the quorum rule, essentially allowing votes to be taken without any representation from ATD and family. The link below will take you to the eleven page argument from Bill & Terry’s attorney. It is very interesting to find out that when ASD was a minority shareholder he, along with the same law firm bringing suit against Bill & Terry, used the ‘no show’ on more than one occasion when he didn’t like what the agenda was about.  Bill & Terry’s argument is about much more than not liking what is on the agenda. As previously posted, Bill & Terry contend that they have been completely shut out from communications, and in two cases the B side has been kept  out of the loop of information even when it pertained to committees that they sit on. As you know, Bill & Terry filed their own lawsuit against the “A” side about those very same communication issues. The hearing tomorrow is not about that case but our hope is that the court can tie them together because they do go together.

While reading through these eleven pages you may be enlightened by some of the information, but most of it is what you already know. The fact that the “non working” side has gained control because Rafaela changed her allegiance for nothing more than her quest for money. We surmise this because she has never had anything but disdain for her brother in law, ASD,  and yet she threw our company’s control into the hands of a sociopath, showing no care or concern for the 25,000 associates, thousands of vendors and 2 million customers a week. WAMB hopes you can sleep at night Rafaela. Scary that major decisions are being made about OUR company by men who know nothing about our company. The fact that “Chairman” Cowan, Weiner and Gebaide are permanent residents in the money lined pockets of ASD explain in full why they making the decisions which are so harmful to the health of our company.

We have little faith in the Massachusetts Courts and should ASD get what he wants in court tomorrow that only means that we, the PEOPLE of MB, are one step closer to pulling the trigger. The final say of the future of OUR company rests in our hands…not in the court’s, not in the Board’s and certainly not Arthur S. Demoulas’.


Quorum Hearing



  1. Elizabeth Bates says:

    Thank you for this latest information update page admin. I will read the pages in/re Bill Shea and Terry Carlton’s lawyers shortly. Thank you.

  2. Jim therrien says:

    Why doesn’t ATD buy out Raheal?

  3. mark lemieux says:

    A year ago at this time we were growing rapidly. We were entering new areas and people were relocating to grow with this company. Our entire focus was on developing people. It was an exciting time to work for this great company. Now we are stuck in the mud. Seems like someone has to retire to create any movement. The employees know this and morale is down. I too have little faith in the Massachusetts Courts. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

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