Posts waiting to be posted

We think it is important to mention that prior to Tom Trainor’s call to arms we have posts already lined up from the following;

Bob Hartman Asst Deli Director
Dean Joyce Warehouse Manager

The following Store Directors
Chuck Casassa #30
Brian Sancoucie #49
Matt Matson #21
John Sevastis #14
Chris Sturzo #50
Andy Heggarty #2

The following Asst Store Director
Tom Dumais #36
Jamie Cuneen #32

Plus a dozen other associates from Dept Heads, Full Time and Part Time


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Beyond words that one of my great mentors is in this line up, and so many comrades are as well… Anxiously awaiting the posts… Let’s get the camaraderie front and center! Call to arms!

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