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  1. Dedra Twomey says:

    Why I love Market Basket!

    This is an email I forwarded in July to all the Market Basket board members that never received a response.

    I am writing with the hopes that at least one of the current board members will take the time to explain how and why you would make such a crucial change so hastily. I have read several articles and from what I understand some of the board members have recently changed, so I ask that you please inform me. Having newly elected board members that are more than likely unfamiliar with the operations of such a successful business and then immediately firing the man that has held his corporation with such a stature. How exactly does it make sense to disrupt an already defined organization?

    I am somewhat knowledgeable of how a board of directors functions however, only in a non-profit setting. My understanding has always been that the board of directors are placed in their position to insure that any and all decisions made are in the best interest of the organization the directors are overseeing. I’m not sure if this is different when the members are paid for their position, as I have only known volunteer board members.

    One of the most important questions I would like to see answered would be the liability of the new board members, if you are comfortable coming in and making all these changes that have potential to impact a countless amount of people will there even be one amongst you that will hold yourself accountable for even the slightest demise of the Market Basket we have all come to know and love?

    I come from a very large family that are all members of one union or another, and I have always felt strongly that if you weren’t in a union chances were that your future would always be at risk because only a union made sure that each and every employee was protected and treated equally receiving all the benefits one would need now and in the future. Market Basket was the only company that I have known that changed my opinion. I have been astonished over the years when speaking to employees of MB and now knowing firsthand having not only my daughters, my niece, nephew, and several other family members working there how amazing they are treated. I would drive miles and miles out of my way (if it was ever necessary) to shop at Market Basket for just that reason only.

    I am forever promoting the company for every single thing they do. How they give so much back to the community, and the way every employee at all the stores that I have been to treat the customers with the utmost respect and courtesy always with a smile on their face. The mere fact they are so willing to employ people with disabilities providing them with a purpose and a feeling of independence enabling both them and their families to feel the pride and joy one receives when they are productive.

    I will forever be thankful that when my kids got their first job it was at Market Basket. The job has taught them so much. It has built their confidence while opening their eyes to the world around them. It has made them appreciate and thankful for what they have as they have been exposed to so many that have far less. They know that if they work hard not only are they paid a decent wage but then surprisingly rewarded with bonuses. There are far too many amazing things that Market Basket does on a daily basis that I could spend days going on about, but I am trying to keep it simple and make my point.

    I ask you will the new president walk into one of the 70 stores on any given day and approach one of the employees with a smile and handshake and thank them for the job they are doing leaving them amazed and delighted that he really cares.

    Dee Twomey

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