O’Neill and Associates

We all enter Wednesday with resolve as strong as it has been since day one. It hurts every single one of us to have to do what we are doing to our beloved company but we know it is the right thing for the long term bigger picture.

We hope the proper resolution comes today and that tomorrow we are back to work.

In the meantime we thought we’d alert people to some of the tactics being used by the Board’s new PR firm O’Neill and Associates, Boston’s very own. Kekst, one of the top rated and most expensive in the country, saw that this job was a portfolio killer and took a hike so the job was offered to and taken by O’Neill. Their first bit of strategy has been to take to the trolling of all articles and posts. Whether on news sites, twitter or our FB page we have seen all sorts of obvious plants attacking ATD and those of us who are fighting the good fight.

We’ve also come across some of their super talent in the latest statement from the BOD. No doubt they crafted this gem over the course of a day with some of their best people on the job. As we previously reported, within the statement the BOD says that all problems in the company were ATD’s creation, including the current protests and boycotts. As one twitter user (@BLichtenwalner) said, “blaming Artie T. is like BP blaming the Gulf for oil spills.”

Then we have the ASD debacle on WHDH with Byron Barnett. We don’t really know what to say about this piece other than “thank you” to whomever prepped him for when the cameras finally caught up to him. We at WAMB believe that we could not have done a better job if we handed him a script and directed him on how to come across in the perfect way so that his true character could finally be revealed to all who might have wondered just who he really is. Bravo, O’Neill and Associates! You should understand that your company will from now on be associated with Arthur S. Demoulas and forever will be remembered by the people, the true PR force in this saga, as being on the wrong side of history.

Today we hope that this story comes to a rightful end. Until then, we look forward to more comical missives from the BOD and its mouthpiece O’Neill.

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