One Year Later

One Year Later

As we approach the one year mark of so many of last summer’s events we will be putting some posts up in a sort of retrospective fashion. There was so much emotion as we worked together to save the company that it will be good to take a look back at some of the big happenings and some of the central characters. The fact that we won will make this a fun thing to do but we will never lose sight of just how difficult and stressful the fight was and how so many people were willing to sacrifice so much for each other.

Market Basket today is better for everything that it went through. This means all of us…customers, associates and vendors. The brand now stands for much more than simply a place to buy groceries. Its name is recognized throughout the country as representing a business model in which everyone wins, from shareholders to the workforce to the communities we serve.

We are proud to have stood with so many amazing people who were willing to fight for something they hold dear. Every single one of them played a vital role in moving the ball forward and without any one of them, we don’t win.

Together We Saved Market Basket!

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