Mr. Jim Miamis

Mr. Jim Miamis, Executive Vice President, retired this morning after 71 years of service.

71 years…he started in 1945.

Simple words cannot express the sentiments so many of us share towards this man and the influence he has had on us. He set the pace in every way imaginable be it at work or at play. Thousands of associates consider him their mentor and many more consider him their friend. Tough but always fair, he is the epitome of why so many are so loyal to the company.

We wish him nothing but the best that life has to offer as he leaves. We thank him for being an integral part of the foundation on which this company was built and we salute him for the wonderful man he is.

Tonight let’s raise a glass to Jim (Metaxa if you have it) and say yamas!

If you have a story or memory to share, please do so.


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