Merry Christmas

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” – Dr. Seuss

It is easy to lose the spirit of Christmas. You get up early, work very hard all day, come home exhausted, eat and go to bed. Customers flood your store, your boss gets on you about every little thing and you do your best to keep your cool. Somehow in the midst of all this, you need to shop for gifts and plan a festive day. Things go incredibly fast and you get bombarded from all angles with just how joyous it all is supposed to be.

Family plays a large part where many of us find the meaning of Christmas. Memories of childhood and the wonder in the eyes of our children and grandchildren help to shake us out of the harshness of today and bring us to a place where we can relish the moment. Christmas is a time for family and laughter and love.

As we think about the last six months it becomes apparent that we have a very deep connection with each other in the Market Basket Family. Like many lessons learned in life, an appreciation for who we are and what we all mean to each other has come to us as a result of something traumatic. Coming together on July 18th in Andover and the united front that has been building since that day has shown that we are the very definition of family. Perhaps, as Dr. Seuss wrote, Christmas does not come from a store, but our store is more than just a store. It is more than a supermarket. It is home to so much education. It is the place where many of us met our spouse. It is a place that has helped define so much of who we are. We are Market Basket! There is tremendous pride in saying that.

We started out that day hoping to save Arthur T’s job and we accomplished that. We have since that day gotten stronger and our voice has grown more forceful as we have moved in lockstep together with the mission of keeping the place we love, our home away from home, as it has always been. Our victory in this cause is no longer in need of a Christmas miracle because we are helping to make it a reality. We are part of an awesome story and like a great Christmas choir, every voice has played a huge part. Keep singing loud and proud!

Merry Christmas!


  1. ROn lambert says:

    Spot on mr administrator. As tired, and weary as we all will be tommoro after this week. It will all go away when we watch our kids or grandchildren open thier gifts. We are one big family, all in lockstep together with ATD. Everyone enjoy the day. Rest up, the battle carries on the day after. But, I suddenly feel more confident, and energized, knowing we are together in our quest.
    Merry Christmas to all

  2. Jim Therrien says:

    Very nice post. Merry Christmas and let’s hope for a prosperous New Year in 2014 and MB gets the wheel back on track!

  3. elizabeth bates says:

    Very nice post, page admin! Nice to read my feelings summed up on his site, after a looonnngg week at work!!! Would’nt want it any other way!! Love the busy times!! Enjoying the MB spirit, the team effort! Thank you to all, and a very Merry Christmas. Special shout out to Arthur T., and his managment group, you make me so very happy and really proud to be a part of your team, I feel like ‘hey I can and will get this done’ with support of my MB family! Peace and strenght to all!

  4. elizabeth bates says:

    *this site* darn typos!!!

  5. Dora brown says:

    Merry Christmas to our Market Basket family.

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