Make them feel OUR heat

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”—Ronald Reagan

Today the Board votes on ATD and management’s suggestions for our bonuses and profit sharing contributions. We all read the letter from BM and we all know that the extra is because we have continued to do our job, grow business and take care of our customers for the past five months with the dark cloud called DSM Board of directors hanging over our heads. ATD and management knows the anxiety we have all been under and our company has had a good year in spite of this. This time of year is usually a happy time for us because we have confidence that we will be rewarded for our efforts as we always have. This year the process for our bonuses and profit sharing is different, the Board wants to tell us how much we will get and frankly they have not been very forthcoming with us to this point so we should have no confidence that they will do the right thing by us.

Whatever the outcome of today’s vote we can be sure of one thing, that ATD went to bat for us. If we don’t get the $56 million and the 20% contribution we know why, because the Board reached in and took it away from us to line the shareholders pockets with money that was earmarked for us. Every single penny that we don’t get was taken from us to give themselves more. Let’s not forget that they already paid themselves $300 million and are suing US for another $46 million from profit sharing, this is all going to nine people.

We need to stand united together, there is a force in numbers and there is safety in numbers. We ARE the PEOPLE of Market Basket and we will not allow these A and A/B directors who have no experience in our industry and know nothing about us take our company from us. Like Ronald Reagan said, if we can’t make them see the light, they will feel our heat.


  1. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, I will be more than happy to make it get out to as many news feeds and local representatives and boards these boys sit on….let me know what you want me to do!

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