Letter to the Associates, Customers, Vendors and Friends

The attached is a letter written by ATD on December 19, 2013 to associates, customers, vendors and friends. We think this letter, more than anything else shows why we work so hard for this Company, why we are so loyal to this man and this Company and why we will never give up. You can control the Board but you will never control the people

Letter from ATD to the PEOPLE of MB


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    “No words can do justice” the gratitude I have for this man and his side of the family. This is why it should be so easy to stand up and fight to save this great company. He is Market Basket and We are Market Basket, united we stand! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  2. Anne Commenator says:

    Several people in the Stratham/Exeter area were hoping to see Market Basket go in to the former Stop & Shop building in Exeter, NH. All were hoping for a bigger Market Basket and the businesses Market Basket draws as happened in Epping, NH. With the decisions of ASD and the BOD creating a cease & desist Market Basket turmoil, Hannaford is going in that Exeter location as soon as possible. What’s up with that ASD & BOD, you didn’t see this coming?

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