Letter from Tom Trainor to his former co workers

Dear fellow Market Basket Associates,

I was fired today after 41 loyal and great years with DSM. I was fired by a courier at my home with my wife and youngest daughter watching. Along with myself there have been several other men fired the same way, men that I have the utmost respect for (in order of years served), Joe Garon 49 years, Tom Gordon 40 years, Steve Paulenka 40 years, Jim Lacourse 35 years, Dean Joyce 35 years, Joe Schmidt 27 years and Mike Kettenbach 13 years. A total of 280 years of experience, loyalty, dedication and love for the company.

It wasn’t unexpected. When I started this fight over a year ago I knew the risk but I also knew that I was fighting for something much bigger than myself. I was fighting for my MB family, for Arthur T Demoulas a man that I have tremendous respect, loyalty and admiration for. A man that I would run through a wall for. I have no regrets. I would do it all over again and I leave the company I love with my head held high in the knowledge that there wasn’t a single thing more that I could have done.

What wasn’t expected, although I should have expected something like it, was the way that I was fired, by courier, that Felicia Thornton and Jim Gooch didn’t have the guts to fire me and the others in person. This says a lot about a person’s character, I guess that says it all about those two.

The BOD on June 23rd tried to cut the head off the snake with the expectation that the snake would die. On June 24th the snake grew another head and new leaders emerged to carry the torch that had fallen to the ground. Today they cut the head off the snake once again, who among you will emerge as the new leaders in this fight? Who among you will pick up the torch? They are expecting you all to just lie down and go back to normal, is that what you are going to do? The time is now or never, if this doesn’t get you fired up then go back to normal until they come for you the next time, it won’t be long before you are replaced by someone who will do your job for less money.

See you at the rally in Tewksbury #8 Tomorrow.

Tom Trainor, 41 proud years

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