Letter from Joe Garon to the “A” Shareholders

“The following is a letter written by Joe Garon, Grocery Buyer, to the “A” shareholders. Thank you Joe for taking the time to write a well thought out, passionate, respectful letter to them. Let’s hope they start to listen to the wisdom of leaders like you.”

Dear “A” Shareholders (Fotene, Diana, Rafaela, Vanessa),

I ask for your help in righting the ship. You ladies have the power and responsibility to stop what’s happening and the detrimental effect this has on the 25,000 associates who labor for you and the million plus customers who choose to leave their hard earned cash in your accounts. This was a well oiled machine until you gave control to Arthur S.

I am sure you have some concerns, but I’m also sure if you sat down with Arthur T, they can be resolved to your satisfaction. This dysfunction is hurting your company, it tarnishes our reputation with customers and suppliers that has taken years to get where it is today. We are the envy of our competition and the pride of every associate.

Please use your position and take the handcuffs off Arthur T. There is only one leader we can follow! Together you can make us a stronger and better company!

Joe Garon
(48 years of loyal service)


  1. CINdy Whelan says:

    A perfect example of a strong yet respectful letter that should be filling the mailboxes of the Class “A” shareholders by all the Class “act” stakeholders! As long as we stand together and choose to be heard, we will overcome this obstacle! We are Market Basket, we are a force to be reckoned with! Thank you Mr. Garon, for another fine example of the leadership our company possesses!

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