Judge Fabricant Decision

Just heard that Judge Fabricant has ruled against us, shocking, we know. Not sure what happens now but we can certainly appeal the decision. This really wasn’t a surprise since Judge Fabricant let her feelings be known on this during the last case she ruled on regarding the distribution back in the fall. What is a bit surprising is the length of time she took, four weeks instead of the two she said, and the timing of the decision. For Judge Fabricant to rule in our favor she would have had to say she was wrong the last time.

Disheartening for sure, but we cannot rely on the justice system, and for us to think that we will win this fight in the courts is a wildly optimistic hope. The ONLY way this is going to go our way is for us, the PEOPLE, to rise up and win it in the stores and the warehouses. No Judge, Board or shareholder can control us.

We, Together, Are Market Basket


  1. Jim therrien says:

    What was the actual ruling

    • To deny the case against Cowan from going to the next phase which would be discovery, allowing for all kinds of documents, emails, voice mails, financial records and depositions. It would be like a grand jury indicting then going on to evidence phase in a criminal trial

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