Joseph Rockwell, VP Grocery Operations Retires

As many of you may already know, Joe Rockwell, VP of Grocery Operations, has retired effective this past Friday. Very few people knew of his plans until the last minute because that is the way Joe wanted to go out, with as little fanfare and attention to him as possible.

You may remember Joe as being one of the men fired on June 23, 2014 along with ATD. Joe has contacted us and asked us to post a sincere thank you to all of the MB stakeholders for their help and support throughout the nearly five decades of his association with MB. He has received many phone calls and comments on other FB pages and the general theme seems to be that people wanted a chance to say goodbye. Joe asked us to tell you all that he will still be around and in fact has plans to go to every store and warehouse facility over the course of several weeks. So everyone will be able to tell Joe face to face what he means to them and how much they will miss him as well as wish him a happy and healthy retirement that he deserves.

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