I am Market Basket, Kelley Sipsey

“Coming together is a beginning. 
Keeping together is progress.
 Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He doesn’t set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. In the end, leaders are much like eagles… they do not flock; you find them one at a time.”

“I Am Market Basket”
I am a former full time employee of 11 years who left to raise my children.
I am a customer.
I am the wife of a store director.
I am a current part time employee on my third year.
(14 years of service and a total of 25 years as part of the Market Basket Family).
I am Market Basket!
Who are you?

The above statements could be from any one of the “We Are Market Basket” Family. To the Board of Directors can you say that even one of those statements above are true of you? Can you even say you are a customer? Can you claim to have worked the company in any aspect other than the board room? Can you honestly say you have even stepped into one of our stores and met any of our family?

As the spouse of a manager, we have men and women, who do what they do to provide for their families and have something to retire to. We tolerate the long hours, the missed school and sporting events, the holidays that they work and we do not complain. We do not complain when the alarm company is calling at the god awful hours that they call. We do not complain that they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 48 to 50 weeks a year.

There has been much talk about how the employees make more than the national average. Well, my question to you is how many of these other chains can boast that their employees will do what these men and women do? How many of these other chains can boast that all their management staff has showed up even if the state is under a “State of Emergency”. Market Basket stores have been open in blizzards, hurricanes and floods. These men and women risk their lives driving to work under those conditions but they do so freely, for the customers, for Artie T. and for the company. These men and women are dedicated and hard working. They work as hard as they work and take pride in their work because they know that they are fairly compensated for that work.
The longevity speaks volumes in and of itself. Longevity like this is not seen nowadays. These men and women stay because the work is solid, even in a bad economy people need groceries. They stay because the wages are fair for the work they do. They stay because the retirement program is the best. They stay because the health insurance is fantastic. They stay because they respect the man behind it all, Mr. A.T. Demoulas.

Please consider the ramifications of your actions. Please consider the hundreds of thousands of people, both employees and customers, whose lives you may have an impact on.

I understand that Market Basket is a corporation and that change can be good. However, I do not believe that the changes you are making are good for a company that is out performing its competitors and out performing the national industry average profit margin. I have worked many part time jobs over the time I have been gone. I have been the President of a non-profit organization for a few years. I am still a member of that non-profit under a different role. I know that as a board you must abide by certain rules of governance. I also know that if you have an organization that works well and is successful you don’t go in guns blazing to make changes. I am asking you to seriously consider your decision making. This is not just a company that you want to change, this is a family you appear to want to rip apart over money and spite. Arthur T has led this company in the correct direction. He has the loyalty of his associates. He has the respect of sales personnel as well as other top leaders in the industry. He has worked the company from behind a desk and in the field. He knows the business inside and out. Most importantly he knows the worth and value of his customers and employees. He knows that this is a people based business.

Yes, I am Market Basket. Yes, I support Mr. Arthur T Demoulas as the company’s CEO. Yes, I support top management, period.

The share holders can not honestly be unhappy with the income they have been receiving from this successful company. In these days of corporate corruption and greed let the light shine through that this is not about money and power. Let the light shine through and be a beacon for what is right in a world dark with corporate and governmental greed and corruption.

May the entire Market Basket Hard Working family have a Prosperous and successful New Year!

May those who wish to destroy this successful family hear us roar!

Kelley Sipsey
Former Main Office Secretary
Current Part Time Employee Salem, NH Store #6


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Kelley, so great to see the spouse’s perspective! My husband and I were both in management when our surprise third child came into our lives, and she is what it took to realize one of us needed to leave this great company to raise our children. We didn’t have them for someone else to raise, and Sean humbly left the company he loved for our children and myself. He has no regrets, other than those late night phone calls, and the other unforeseen circumstances that make our long week even longer. I miss a lot of sporting events, award ceremonies, and extracurricular activities. I am grateful my family supports me, and more importantly, understands the demands of my position. It is not just the associates that will be affected, it is their families too. Great post! Thank you!

    • Kelley Sipsey says:

      No thanks needed Cindy. I wrote what I believe. Even being a part time employee there is a certain pride to the job. I hope to instill the same believes and work ethic into the next generation. Our son is currently a part time bagger at 15. We forced him to work at 14 so that he could understand the value of hard work and a dollar.

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