How dare they

“To speak evil of any one, unless there is unequivocal proofs of their deserving it, is an injury for which there is no adequate reparation.”–George Washington

The Board has attacked ATD and senior management of OUR company in an unprofessional and slanderous way on a public forum for all including our competition to see. They state

“The Board will also be very concerned if the disclosure to associates by Arthur T. Demoulas through Mr. Marsden of managements request for a “special bonus” for associates (a request that was never made in person by management to the Board prior to the memos disclosure) was a blatant attempt to influence associates.”

We have read and reread the letter from BM that they refer to and nowhere does it say anything at all about a “special bonus” for associates. The letter refers to the bonus pool increasing from $35 million to $56 million and profit sharing from 15% to 20%. They speak of a “blatant attempt to influence associates” if they knew anything about our company they would know that ATD does not need to write a letter to influence any of us. ATD is a tremendous influence to all of us simply by being our CEO. ATD shares these numbers with us every year and this year he shared them a week earlier as a “blatant attempt” to allay the fears that all associates have about their end of year bonuses and profit sharing. The Board on the other hand sent us all a letter at the end of August that was indeed a blatant attempt to influence associates. How dare you speak to our beloved CEO this way through a public forum when since day one the Board has been trying to influence us through any means necessary including, lies, half truths and misinformation.


  1. How about giving us a way to directly come to them with concerns we might have? Oh that’s right, they just don’t care!

  2. Cindy whelan says:

    ATD is now being punished for his transparency and honesty. This BOD would rather us know nothing, so that we can be led to slaughter…. “Over my dead body” a great man once said….

  3. ASD, Weiner, Cowan and the new guy aren’t qualified to clean Arthur T. Demoulas’ shoes…

  4. The board clearly manipulated statistics to strengthen the argument of the shareholders. What they are ignoring to factor into their fiscal equation, and no small part of it, is the FACT our company is growing and has a higher market share since the onset of the Great Recession.

    In true Demoulas fashion, similar to the Great Depression, community has become more important than personal gain, under Arthur T.

    Arthur S. and all the uninvolved shareholders should be ashamed of not being committed to the communities of Revere and Waltham. This company has a rich heritage that they are not valuing at all.

    Lastly, my third grade math skills tell me an additional $300 million on this years bottom line would significantly alter the real equation. Perhaps, if Arthur S. and his band of merry friends better invested the countless millions they have already received at the expense of OUR hard work, dedication, and commitment for little in exchange from them, the margins would be even greater.

    It would be great if the all and powerful business savvy Arthur S. could take the time to explain why it is better to borrow from the bank as opposed to Being the bank and paying all expenses forward.

    Cash is King.

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