Guest Posting

We would love to hear from all of our associates, look how many more have joined the vocal crowd this week alone! There is safety in numbers folks, let your voices be heard, stand UNITED for ATD and MB! We know that you all feel the same way we do, you just aren’t confident you can share your words or are afraid to. Don’t be afraid, we are your family and just speak from your heart.

To GUEST POST please submit a comment under CONTACT PAGE tab. You will have to enter a name and email address, your comment itself can be entered directly into the comment box or cut and pasted from “word” or other program. When you’re done just submit it. From that point it will not get posted immediately but when it does it will be posted on both and the FaceBook page.

Let your fellow associates and this Board of directors know how you feel. We can win this but we need everyone to help ATD and the rest of the company. DO what’s right and what’s in your heart!

Speak Your Mind