Guest post, Zach D’Alessandro Front End Manager Bellingham

  • Definition of union (n)
    [ ynyən ]
    1.act of joining together: the act of joining together people or things to form a whole
    2.result of joining together: a result of joining together people or things
    3.agreement: agreement or unity of interests or opinions

    Hi my name is Zachary D’Alessandro I am one of Two Front end Managers in Bellingham #54 an employee of market basket for 15 years. My father gave me a Market basket application shortly after my 14th birthday. When my father gave me that application he told me “your lifestyle exceeds your income” meaning it was time to start supporting myself. My father had been a union Laborer for General Motors and was laid off soon after starting a family. I watched my father Juggle 3 jobs to support a wife and three children through my entire childhood and early on in adulthood. I learned my work ethic and the value of hard work from my father. My father despite being laid off had always sworn by the union. As you read in the definition of “Union” a union is about togetherness and like interests. A union does not necessarily have to set up picket lines and strikes. Back to November of “98″ I filled out my Market Basket application, MR. Gordon’s interview was short and sweet and I started bagging groceries. My father the “union man” always told me that I worked for a good company before I fully understood the big picture. All through high school I worked for market basket and my father always made sure that I knew the company I worked for took care of me. I could drag this out but I’ll get to the point.

    Worker’s unions are looking out for the best interests (Health, Compensation, and Safety) of the workers. Personally I feel the necessity of a Union is sad. Can a corporation care some much about the bottom line that the workforce producing that bottom line can be sacrificed? As my full time career began in 2002 My father’s words became clear the “union man” saw that I worked for a family owned company that provided everything a union fights for thus eliminating the necessity for a union. What I know realize when “OUR” company is in danger is togetherness and like interests form our strength. We don’t need to go on strike or set up picket lines. Acting like a stereotypical union would disrupt business and upset our loyal customers. Causing our customers base to lose faith and consider shopping elsewhere would hurt Mr. A. T. Demoulas even more than A.S. has already. Bottom line for decades T.A. and A.T have run a company that has never required union interference because they put the employees first. When you take care of the Labor everything else falls into place. Mr. Arthur S. Demoulas we are stronger than any union that any corporation has ever dealt with. Please understand Arthur S. that your cousin and uncle have not only cared for there workforce but also their families (obviously something you will never understand).Please Preserve the “old way” of doing business it is lost in modern corporate America I’m sure Mr. Ron Weiner’s Modern corporate Philosophies of Bleeding businesses dry and moving on is very appealing to you Mr. Arthur S. just Remember if you kill Market Basket there wont be any amount of money or P.R. firm that could dig your reputation, integrity or Legacy out of the toilet. Thank you Mr. Trainor for Rallying the troops and every other Market Basket stakeholder for supporting the Arthur T. Demoulas.

    Zachary J. D’Alessandro
    Front End Manager #54
    P.S. Arthur S. Demoulas My father the “union Man” follows the news in his retirement anytime we talk hey says “the cousin is an a**hole”. How much are you paying the P.R. firm? If that is Public opinion then your wasting the company’s money. I believe that you have a fiduciary responsibility as a board member and need to reevaluate your spending.


  1. Tom Trainor says:

    Thank you for your excellent, spot on post Zach and thank you for your kind words about me but I only posted how I felt, if that rallied the troops all the better

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