Guest Post, William Flynn, Assistant Produce Manager

My name is William Flynn and I am the Assistant Produce Manager at Londonderry #42.  This letter is to every Market Basket employee, every board member, and especially to those who are looking to begin careers with the company.
My father was involved with the company during ‘74-’78, and hired by Mr. Rockwell at the original South Nashua store.  During his stay, he had the privilege of opening up Chelmsford, Leominster, Woburn, and Lowell.   I began working in the South Nashua Market Basket (#13) at around 14 years old, following in the footsteps of my father.
After around five months of working in the Check-Out, I got transferred back to Produce with another part-time sacker, and it’s all history from there.  Here I am almost ten years later writing this letter to you all.
I am from a different generation of MB employees, as I’m sure many of you are as well.  Unfortunately, I am too young and did not afford the opportunity to meet the renowned Mr. T.A. Demoulas.  However, his essential philosophies of being in the people business FIRST remain with us the employees, with Market Basket, and most importantly with our BOSS Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas.  Only under his direction will this company succeed.
Market Basket has some of the most knowledgeable, reliable, and caring associates in just about all of retail.  When have you ever walked into another store besides Market Basket and be greeted with such warmth?  Market Basket’s values are catchy, contagious.  I owe it to Scott Marsden and his management cadre at Store 13, the team that instilled the Market Basket values in me at a young age.  Thank you for believing in me.
A company based on integrity is now losing integrity because of recent shareholder disputes.  TO THE SHAREHOLDERS:
I beg you ALL to do a tour of all Market Basket stores!  Introduce yourselves to each employee as they shake your hand or smile at you.  But before you do that, know that we’ll treat you like we were taught to treat every patron that has ever walked into our store, shareholder or not.  Like gold.
I am a proud Market Basket employee and I cannot stand idle any longer.
W. Flynn


  1. Josh Higgins says:

    Will, we are lucky to have great young associates like you. Excellent post, see you soon.

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Awesome post! You are wise beyond your years! I see you having a successful future with MB with Artie T in the lead!
    Another Store 42 post.
    MB STRONG!!!
    Lisa D
    Store 42

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