Guest post, Vinnie Kanhai-Singh IT department

“The following is a guest post from Vinnie Kanhai-Singh.  Vinnie is an associate in the IT department and has been a very vocal commenter on FB”

As I read yet another of Mr. Patenaude’s posts, very respectful and honest as all of his others have been, and I look back at the Store Directors, Supervision, Department Managers, Full Time clerks, even customers that have posted their stories and concerns, I can’t help but wonder why not a single Board member has taken the time to answer a single post or even contact this page themselves.  Surely the page Admin has not blocked the 3 stooges from clicking on the Contact Page button, right?

I know the easy answer….they are afraid.  But honestly, there has to be more to it than that.  If I was one of these “independent” members and I was constantly being called out by name, I would want to respond to my critics myself, not have someone else speak for me.  I think that is what bothers me the most, other than what they are trying to do to the company and Mr. Demoulas of course.  But really, what harm would it do to speak in my OWN words about things that are being said about me….unless it was all TRUE!

If I was being accused of trying to run the only US-owned Supermarket chain in New England into the ground and it wasn’t true you could be 1000% certain I would speak up and say something to those making these accusations, be it one person or 25,000 people.  Their silence speaks volumes.

Although they have made (weak) attempts at answering emails, those are single responses.  And now that they know their responses are being ripped to shreds for the garbage they are these one-offs will also probably be ordered to stop by the great and powerful KEKST.  What we really need is for KEKST to shut the **** up.

Come on guys, if you have any sort of business sense, release your OWN statements.  Mr. El-Hage answered a few of my emails, very respectfully I might add, even after he stepped down from the Board.  After working for a company for more than a quarter century where I have never felt intimidated by walking up to Mr. Marsden, Mr. Rockwell, any of the supervisors and yes, even Mr. Demoulas himself and shaking a hand and answering their questions professionally, these Board members are just the opposite.  They hide in their Prudential office, remaining literally and figuratively above the rest of us.

Come down to OUR level, listen to OUR words, hear OUR concerns, answer OUR questions.

Vincent K Kanhai-Singh
Badge #52574


  1. CiNdy whelan says:

    As always, impressed by your way with words. You hit the hammer on the head when you said you would respond to your critics yourself… They can’t because we are right, and they know that we know. What they don’t know, or won’t accept or acknowledge, is that we are going to stand firm. Every corner they try to turn, every bridge they try to cross, we will be there, waiting, smiling, and asking “What’s next?”… In lockstep with our one and only, ATD… Not missing a beat…

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