Guest post, Tyler White Head Clerk Portsmouth

An e-mail of mine to Ronald Weiner appeared on this page earlier and was received positively by my MB family. (The e-mail didn’t garner a response from Mr. Weiner.) However, I feel a more personal post is necessary to voice my support for our boss in his time of need.

My story is a lot like many other stories in this company with a slight twist. I began bagging groceries as a freshman in high school, quickly becoming a cashier and then a front end assistant. I did well in school and by my senior year I even had a couple of schools offer nearly full academic scholarships. However, being young and stupid I got into some trouble that jeopardized and ended up costing me my scholarships. Not wanting to bury myself in student loans I made the decision to pursue a full time career at Market Basket. Best decision I could’ve made.

I feel this company is one of the greatest in the country. This crisis we’ve been facing since July has proven it. Together, as a cohesive unit, we are strong and can accomplish anything. Seeing posts from great men like Mr. Trainor, Mr. Gordon, the grocery buyers, etc. whom I have great respect for and from employees and customers I have never met before has empowered me to get involved. Our boss, the greatest boss in the entire world needs our help. Mr. Demoulas always sticks up for us, the least we can do is return the favor.

This board needs to understand we will not be tricked and we will not be bullied and we will not rest until ATD is unshackled and free to do what he does best, run Market Basket. I have only personally met Mr. Demoulas three times in my life but it only took once to know this is a man who is honest, kind, trustworthy and generous…the kind of man anybody would love to work for. He has done more for me than I could ever repay him for so supporting him is the least I can do. I encourage everyone to let their voices be heard. There is always power in numbers and there are 25,000+ of us who want the same thing…let the board know what it is.

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