Guest post, Tom Trainor Grocery Supervisor

Thank you to all that have posted and shared your stories on this site and Face Book. The more of us that put our story out there the more solid our unity becomes. It has been about 7 weeks since I posted on this website for the first time, not being a Face Book person this website offered an alternative to the many associates that don’t have Face Book accounts.

For all of you out there who have not “stuck your neck out yet” I understand and I get it because I was like you. You know you are 100% behind Artie T and our Company but you have a turmoil going on inside your head, kind of like an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. You say to yourself “this isn’t my fight” you say “I don’t want to get fired” you say “social media isn’t my thing” you say “I can’t write” you say¬†“Artie will win this, he’ll find a way” you say “my job is to take care of my customers not get involved in this drama”. You watch social media everyday and you look at those people that are always speaking out and you tell yourself they are foolish or show boating or whatever makes you feel better about not speaking out. Bottom line is you are afraid and you find ways in your mind to justify why you shouldn’t speak out as an individual and stick your neck out.

After speaking out myself and talking to my partner Tom Gordon and several Store Directors that have spoken out let me tell you what happens after you speak out. You actually feel a release, a calm and a sense of doing what is right. You suddenly don’t care about all of those concerns you had about your personal career and life and you feel a part of a unified movement. You look at the social media and all of those supportive comments from associates that know you and those that don’t know you and you know immediately that you did the right thing and perhaps your actions will encourage others to speak out as well. You feel empowered and a part of something a lot bigger than yourselves.

Those of you that will read this post and still say to yourselves that this is not your fight and you are not afraid of anything are either lying to yourself or worse, you really don’t care about our Company and ATD. I know those words may sting some people and anger others but it is how I feel. I just don’t understand how you can be associated with this Company, work for this wonderful man ATD, take what he gives you and feel you don’t need or want to give back. I think most associates are like me,apprehensive about putting your name out there at first but you have to ask yourself the same question I asked myself. What would my life be like and what would I have without T A and A T Demoulas and the rest of their family?

We have had many Store Directors speak out and according to the admin there are more already waiting in the wings, but we have 71 Store Directors and we need to hear from every one of them. We also need to hear from every Assistant Manager, Front End Manager, Merchandiser, Grocery Manager, Head Clerk and all Department Heads.  Supervision also needs to step up from all departments. This is our fight and we can win it but we need everyone, like the admin says one voice, 25,000 strong for One Boss, ATD.

Tom Trainor

Proud and grateful associate of 40 years



  1. Cindy whelan says:

    If this doesn’t get you running to the computer, I can honestly say I do NOT know what will! Great, inspirational words from a man that is highly respected and clearly has ATD’s back. When you have ATD’s back, you have everyone associated with Market Basket’s back. ATD is the patriarch of this company, family as we are, and backing him solidifies our stand against the BOD. Fight for your associates, customers, vendors, liaisons, and their families… Mr. Trainor is right, you will feel empowered, being part of a unified movement, but you have to look past the fear and look at the common core, everyone that will be affected if the BOD has their way. We can NOT lose with ATD at the helm, in full control of this company like he was in June 2013. The time is now, the time is right, it is time to fight! I have always feared more of what would happen if I did nothing, the stakes are far too high to sit back and ride this one out. Thank you, Mr. Trainor, you put into words so respectfully what has been in my head for too long…

  2. Andy Heggarty says:

    Nice post Tom, I know I would not be were I am if it were not for Mr. T.A. Demoulas and Artie T. As Coach Belichick always says “Do your Job”I am doing mine. I am putting a challenge out to all of my fellow associates; and my Department Heads to let your VOICES be heard now.Every minute counts and we can’t be complacent. Let’s all stay Strong and United!!

  3. Great post . I am so glad to be back and feel so strong about ATD, There is no one like him. The board has no idea what will happen to the company,with out him at the helm. Will be posting soon.And yes it is our fight not just his. Thank you TT, TG,Rock BM,….MOST OF All TA and ATD.
    KPP 68

  4. MarK lemieux says:

    Great post Tom. Thanks.

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