Guest post, Tom Dumais Assistant Store Director

As I sit here on the eve of the 5 year anniversary of the Ice Storm of 2008, I reflect upon why Market Basket associates are the best in the industry. I recall going to work in the early hours of the morning to help cover refrigeration cases.  Mr. Trainor had already been to my store to assess the situation and was off to the next store that had lost power. We secured all the perishable items in the store while our upper management team coordinated refrigeration trucks to go to the stores without power. Our dedicated drivers worked extra hours to make sure all stores without power were delivered the needed trucks.  While this was going on, associates in the stores stepped up to work night crew to help secure a poorly lit building during the outage. We opened our stores to serve our communities so people could buy food, water, batteries and necessities, all while our competition closed its doors until their power was restored. The store I worked at was without power for almost 3 days, and we never missed a beat. When power was finally restored we worked as at team to restock the perishable departments. On this day there wasn’t a grocery department or a dairy department, it was just one store, one department, one team to do whatever was needed to get the job done. These are the things that set the Market Basket associates apart from others in our industry.

This newly elected board of directors doesn’t have a clue what they are up against. The Market Basket family stands as one, 25,000 strong! As I read the board’s website I can’t help but read between the lines. I don’t believe anything on the site. I don’t know you, how could I trust you? How can I trust the three independent board members that were picked by a man who has a personal vendetta against the greatest CEO in America?  Arthur T. Demoulas is the man I trust. He has the core values that make a great CEO. In a down economy, ATD has taken Market Basket to a new level. He has created thousands of jobs in new communities, offered low prices to help take the burden off of families, and at the same time has increased our customer base not only in the new communities but also in the ones we already were in. I would venture to say that Market Basket not only has the most loyal associates, but also the most loyal customers. Along the way in this down economy ATD has taken care of his associates by sharing the profits by giving extra bonuses (to every associate, not just management or upper management which most companies would do) and funding our profit sharing plan which is second to none. After sharing profits with the most loyal team in the industry there were still MILLIONS to distribute to the share holders. I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone would want to fire a man that deeply cares for his associates and his customers. He knows that if he takes care of his people, his people will take care of his customers, and we all know without customers we don’t have a business. I don’t see anything reckless about that!

I started at Market Basket as a 15 year old bagger, became a Dairy Clerk at 16. After high school I was offered a full time position in the Dairy Department, then on to Dairy Manager and kept going up to where I am today as an Assistant Store Manager. As the many posts pour in on social media, all are different stories but all have the same message.  LOYALTY!!  I stand with my fellow associates. I stand with Arthur T. Demoulas.

Tom Dumais 26 years of service
Assistant Manager #36


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Great post, Tom! We will continue to stand beside our beloved CEO, because we are loyal to the one that fights for us! Keep the faith!

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