Guest post, Tim Lambert son of Ron Lambert

“Tim Lambert is the son of Ron Lambert, Store Director in Hudson, MA. Tim grew up as the son of a Market Basket manager and he also spent 8 years working part time in three different stores while completing his education. Tim’s words here could have been written by countless other children of Market Basket associates, thanks Tim.”

As the son of Ron Lambert, and a former Market Basket Employee (8 years), I agree 100% with my father’s dissatisfaction towards the recent decisions made by this company’s board of Directors. I can only echo his response.

Furthermore, I am devastated that the culture that shaped my father into the man that I respect above all others is at risk. Through his career, and my life, I’ve noticed remarkable similarities. The fulfillment of hard work, the weight of responsibility, and the effectiveness of working together are traits that my father taught me. Traits that I’m proud to say were reinforced through service at Market Basket.

It makes me sick to my stomach that the “culture” that affects tens of thousands is in jeopardy, based off the decisions of a few. Make no mistake; Market Basket is an enigma, a profitable powerhouse with a rare combination of self-fulfillment through customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the culture created by leaders like ATD, my father, and countless others aren’t the only things in danger. Like my father said, families who have depended on the service and prices at Market Basket are at risk of losing the security they’re entitled too.

Without a doubt my determination, my will, and my respect for others is a direct reflection of my service at Market Basket. I’ve had the pleasure of looking in the eye and shaking all the hands of these leaders at MB, and I for one am very proud of community for their overwhelming support. Market Basket Strong!

- Tim Lambert (#22, #8, #20)


  1. Kelley sipsey says:

    Very well said!

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