Guest Post, the Grocery Buyers

The following is a group post from the six grocery buyers. Together they make up a team which is responsible for purchasing almost 50% of the total sales of our company and have a combined 250 years of experience. They also are in the unique position of reporting directly to Arthur T. Demoulas

We believe, for the common good of all the communities we serve: loyal customers, associates and all shareholders that our current President and CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas is the best leader for our company. Yesterday – Today – and the Future.

Five Traits of a Great Leader:

Integrity – We have trust in ATD. His honesty and conviction to stand up for what he believes in while staying true to his values and principles.

Teacher – ATD is a leader who encourages and rewards his associates and makes them want to put forth their best effort and be a proud member of the Market Basket family.

Dedication – Trust us, ATD has the focus, passion and spends whatever time or energy is necessary to make our company a great place to work and shop for all the consumers we serve.

Humility – ATD recognizes that all associates have a job to do, but no one person’s job is more important than the next. ATD is not a self-centered person, but rather tries to elevate everyone.

Compassion – ATD is a strong and effective leader who cares not just about the business, but about the associates and the consumers impacted by it.

Has ATD’s leadership and philosophy worked?

  • In 2004, we became a $2 billion dollar company.
  • By 2009, we reached $3 billion dollars.
  • In 2012, we became a $4 billion dollar company. That’s a 100% growth rate in 8 years!
  • Competition has closed multiple stores that are directly next to us.
  • Competition dollar sales are barely positive +1% to a negative of -2% while we are +8%. These stats are confirmation and speak for themselves.
  • Competition net profits are much lower compared to us due to our lean structure and low overhead.
  • Competition had been unable to keep up with us due to the keen leadership of ATD and his philosophies of “best people and best price” and always looking out for the best interest of customers and associates. The strength and power of this company lies in the culture cultivated by ATD and his management team.

On December 18, 2013, the Board of Directors issued a letter to all associates and updated the FAQ section of their website which states the following:

  • The Board is not looking for a new president
  • The Board will work to achieve a more harmonious working relationship with management.
  • The Board will continue their commitment to Market Basket’s “More for your Dollar” philosophy.

Our message to the Board would be to stop the reckless spending on PR firms, executive search firms and lawyers! We need to work together to open stores, create sales, and pass on the value Market Basket brings to the communities they serve. This is the moral obligation of all involved. Be a force for good and everyone comes out a winner!

We recognize and appreciate how fortunate we are to have our President and CEO, Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. He is totally committed to our company, every Market Basket associate and our loyal customers.

Remember the old saying, “Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone”.

United we stand for our leader!

Joe Garon
Jim Lacourse
Brian Maguire
Jerry Paquette
Todd Peters
Bob Turcotte

250 combined years of loyalty and retail service


  1. Tom Trainor says:

    Thank you Gentlemen, working with you everyday we don’t always agree on everything but we do agree on this, we will win this because the people will band together like you have to support ATD and our business model. Thank you for taking a stand in this fight for right!

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