Guest post, Susan Turgeon Bakery Manager Seabrook

  • My name is Susan Turgeon, and I am the bakery manager in Store 30.. I’ll be quite honest I feel kind of silly writing. Unlike most of the people writing I have been with the company not even 4 years. I don’t have any special stories, but what I do have is loyalty and pride to work for this great company. You are rewarded for hard work and dedication. I feel great when Artie T. comes into our store, he doesn’t forget to talk to anyone whether it be management, full time, part time, cashiers or baggers. He cares about us all and it is so obvious when you talk to him. I am proud, dedicated and loyal!!! I support Artie T. And stand by him and this great company!!! I ask you, how can 25,000 plus people be wrong?? Thank You, Susan Turgeon.. Bakery Manager, Store 30


  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Sue, you should not feel silly about sharing your story with us, you are an example of what hard work and dedication is all about and how it is rewarded by this great company. Congratulations on your promotion to manager!
    Store 42

  2. elizabeth bates says:

    Sue …. Thank you for your post. Loyalty, passion, pride and hard work, and you are not silly at all. You are what our company truly values! Thank you so much for posting! Your support for Arthur T. means so much! We all stand together in this! Thank you

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