Guest post, Sue Rostosky Customer, Spouse & Former Associate

 “Sue Rostosky has been a frequent poster and commenter on WAMB and she has also helped quite a bit doing various research projects. Thanks for all you do Sue and thank you for your support, without you and many people like you WAMB would not be as successful as it has been.”  

 My name is Susan Rostosky, I am a longtime loyal customer, a former employee, the wife of and sister to two employees and friend to countless other employees and customers.  I have written here before and have commented on quite a few of the posts over the past 6 months.  I am writing today, not to just to company associates, fellow customers, or even to this current Board of Directors as a whole, but  I am writing more so to Mr. Arthur S. DeMoulas.

I would like to begin with the word “FAMILY”.  One of the listed definitions on’s for the word “Family” is “a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals…”.  I, like most everyone who has written here, love this “Market Basket Family”.  I call it this “Market Basket Family” because it is a true definition of what a family is, and at risk to offending anyone in the DeMoulas family who have done right by so many of us, employees, vendors, customers, communities and many, many others who are too many to list here, I CANNOT call it my” DeMoulas Family” and for this I am truly sorry.  I say this because there is only a fraction of the DeMoulas Family members that are a part of the “Market Basket Family”.  Those DeMoulas family members who are the lineage of Arthur T. DeMoulas’ side of their family, the ones who all acknowledge hard work, loyalty, understanding of family dynamics, people other than themselves, are “Market Basket Family Members”.  Those of the DeMoulas family who are factions of Arthur S. DeMoulas, who show no interest what-so-ever in any of the hard-working people, who, without hesitation, show up to work each day to EARN a living to support themselves and their families, and to earn YOU money.  Money that YOU HAVE NOT come out into the trenches to EARN.  MONEY that has been GIVEN to you.  MONEY that you live on, MONEY you inherit, MONEY you always have available to you.  MONEY you never have to worry if you have enough to scrape by on.  MONEY your children get off the hard work and dedication of so many of the “Market Basket Family” members EARNED for YOU!  Are your children “employed” by this company, or by any company for that matter?  Are you teaching them the value of hard work and dedication, to EARN your keep in life?  I know your cousin and his side of the family are!

Six months ago, our Market Basket Family joined together to support the MAN who EARNS his keep.  The MAN whose children work IN the stores.  The MAN who EARNS the TRUST AND RESPECT of his FELLOW employees.  The MAN who EARNS the right to be IN TOTAL CONTROL OF DSM!  The MAN who IS A MEMBER OF “THE MARKET BASKET FAMILY”.  The MAN who EARNED the LOWELL SUN’S “MAN OF THE YEAR”!

Six months ago, I didn’t know even a small portion of our FAMILY, but now I do and I have learned even more now that FAMILY is what MARKET BASKET is all about!  Can you say that about YOUR “DEMOULAS FAMILY”?  Do you TRUST them as much as much as we TRUST the man who has EARNED ours?



  1. ROn lambert says:

    Great post Sue
    Passionate and spot on. Thanks for speaking out for us with all your previous posts. Keep up the great work

  2. mark lemieux says:

    Thank you for your great post Sue.

  3. elizabeth bates says:

    Oh Sue!!! I love your post! So strong, and soooo true! Market Basket Family member …… count me in! You’ve done so much for this family, I observe and learn from many, especially from you. Wow! Your post is an absolute call for all to really understand what this is, why we need to keep up the fight and stand up in support of Arthur T. Demoulas. He and his are right to continue to steer this comany. They work it, they know it and we respect them for how they act and their willingness to work for the ‘people first’!!! …. Excellent shout out Sue!

  4. cindy whelan says:

    My word! What a heartfelt post, and damn accurate! Be proud of yourself Sue, this is one of the best post to date! You are an amazing ally, keep at it! More importantly, keep the faith!

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