Guest post, Sharon Whelan Bakery Manager Tewksbury

My name is Sharon Whalen and I’m the bakery manager in Tewksbury store 8. I’ve spent more than half my career as the manager in store 8. Most people that know me, know I try to keep my personnel life outside of work. But now I feel I should speak up so people know who we are and what our company stands for, for me anyway. I have a daughter that was born with a heart defect. She has had many procedures because of her heart problems. Her 1st one was when she was 6 weeks old. 30 years later, they’re now talking about a heart and liver transplant. She has a procedure coming up next week to help with the breathing. Why am I telling people now? Because when she was born, we had health insurance that would not cover pre-existing  conditions. However, when I started at market basket that all changed. Mr. Arthur T Demoulas could of gotten an HMO or other insurance cheaper for his employees but he looks out for his employees and their families. He could increase our pay weekly but nothing would come close to the bonuses we receive. He does not have to have a profit sharing plan for us, but he does. We could have a 401k that we have to put into instead. All because his father wanted to give back to the employees that help get him where he was. And today most of those employees are our back bone executive management.  Because he takes care of us, because we take care of the customers.  His father, The Old Man, Mike was in store 8 almost every Saturday, sitting at the people table talking to friends and customers. They respected him. Today his son Arthur T is taken care of the customers and employees. He is a very respected, loyal, humble man. He and his family are very private and do for others because they like to help others not for the publicity. If it wasn’t for him and this company, who knows were a lot of us would be today. It’s just not fair what he and his family are going through. He could just throw in the towel and stop fighting and just collect a paycheck like the other side does, but he won’t. Because he believes in this company and us. We need to support him as he supports us. I see Mr. D. a lot being in store 8, but a probable talk to his wife more. And every time I talk to either Mr. D or Mrs. D, they always ask about my daughter. If there is anything they can do and she’s in there thoughts and prayers. What other company has what we have? What other company’s CEO treats us all as family? There is only one Boss and we will stand behind him and fight  in lock step. Please take the handcuffs off Arthur T so the company can grow and make more jobs for all the communities that so deserve our serve.
Sharon Whalen
Senior Bakery Manager
Store 8
25 years and climbing


  1. Fantastic post!!!!! Here here. That’s right, one boss and we stand behind him 110% all the way.

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I typically only reply to posts of associates that I know, but your post is special. It speaks to the heart and soul of this company and of Artie T and his father’s philosophies. I am proud to be a member of the MB family!
    I wish your daughter well in her upcoming procedure. God Bless!
    Lisa D
    Store 42
    Market Basket Strong!!

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